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People who are 1s and 2s on this scale, do you watch adult video?
  • That was also my first impression. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Vanity license plates SoftScotch


    Vanity license plates SoftScotch

    Hard charger

    tailscale Fdroid crashes on every start
  • Same problem here. Using stock android.

  • Date night

    Introducing the community teams
  • I got a laugh out of it!

  • Billy believes in adblocking
  • They pulled the plug on my grandfathered price, I cut the cord.

  • What kicked it all off

    You Don't Surf
  • If there isn't, we better start one!

    edit: /c/youdontsurf

  • On decriminalising drugs
  • Thank you for explaining!

  • On decriminalising drugs
  • Mind enlightening me... What's going on in Oregon?

  • Newton needed to calm down
  • Sir Isaac Screwton

  • Dilema
  • Death solves all problems...

  • berkeley SoftScotch

    Get your binoculars ready for the solar eclipse on Saturday!

    Let them eat cake?
  • Thank you for saying it. I'm browsing c/memes for a laugh, not whatever this is.

  • MGM Resorts is back online after a huge cyberattack. The hack might have cost the Vegas casino operator $80 million.
  • The article didn't mention if any ransom was paid to the attackers or whether other casinos saw an increase in their revenues.

  • MGM Resorts is back online after a huge cyberattack. The hack might have cost the Vegas casino operator $80 million.
  • I wonder how much money gamblers saved as a result of the downtime.

  • Google Flat-Out Refuses to Bargain With Workers, Prompting YouTube Music Strike
  • Amen to degoogling! I think the broad enshittification driven by big tech and their monopolistic behavior actively invites their own demise, just as they disrupted those that came before. I'm definitely an optimist, hopefully not naive. Also we should take things into our own hands. Don't like it? Build it better!

    To add to your list: Peertube: federated platform that could compete with YouTube if it wasn't for network effects. Keepass & SyncThing: password manager + file synchronization to keep passwords across all your devices

  • Vanity license plates SoftScotch

    Texting and Driving

    Linux Desktop Share keeps increasing, 3.13% now. Narrowing the gap to ChromeOs 3.24%
  • I wonder why Windows share dips while "unknown" surges. It seems to reverse afterwards.

  • Selfhosted tool for editing data trees
  • Sounds like mind mapping software. I use freeplane (formerly freemind) desktop app but would love to find a self-hosted collaborative web based alternative with a database backend.

  • Vanity license plates SoftScotch

    What's your name?


    Milan restaurant recommendations

    Visiting Milan for a few days in June. What are your favorite places to eat?