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My 5th year with these star gazer lilys

Bought a couple star gazer lilys from Lowe’s about 5 years ago and they’ve been multiplying every year. This winter I’ll need to dig out some bulbs cause it’s getting thick and over crowded in that pot.

Love this plant. It blooming has become the highlight of my summers

Plants make ultrasonic sounds that can be heard under stress
  • I wonder if cats can hear it?

    I bring my pepper plants in for the winter and put them in a room where I keep the door closed otherwise my cat will destroy them. I always know when they need to be watered because my cat will sit in front of the door meowing nonstop and sure enough they will be drooping needing water. After that cat shuts up and doesn’t care until it’s time to water them again later.

    It’s like clockwork

  • Bud Light says it will avoid more boycotts by never standing for anything
  • I never understood why a business would take a stance on anything. Regardless of what it is you’re immediately isolating yourself from a subset of potential customers.

    Reminds me of a local barbershop here I went to check it out and get a beard trim and they have a big ass “Fuck Biden” flag in the window, turned around and went home.

  • Who else wakes up and has to blow their nose or clear their airways every morning and why?
  • I’ve been living with this for 20 years and only now seriously seeing an ENT to figure it out. One thing doc has me doing is a twice a day sinus rinse with a NeilMed sinus bottle. It has def improved things a lot.

    I say see an ENT and they will probably take a swab to check for an infection. I had one and pill antibiotics didn’t help so he has me doing this rinse with an added antibiotic powder.