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I run a UNIVAC 1219B. It’s AWESOME!

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Secret boss
  • Payday 2: Overdrill vibes

  • Windows 12
  • Tbf, Windows 11 is just Windows 1X…

  • 'Suits' Was Streamed For 3 Billion Minutes on Netflix and the Writers Were Collectively Paid $3,000
  • Really interesting information! It’s a shame that they’re not as trusted as I thought in Europe, I revere their short-wave long range news broadcast worldwide. It’s an absolute tragedy Associated Press doesn’t do the same

  • Matrix clients for decentralized messaging
  • No Windows server solutions? Synapse has Docker but I’ve had a hell of a time getting it up on my Win Server 2016 install.

  • 'Suits' Was Streamed For 3 Billion Minutes on Netflix and the Writers Were Collectively Paid $3,000
  • I’m unfortunately not very familiar with the BBC other than Top Gear and some of their fabulous documentaries. Thank you for the insight!

  • 'Suits' Was Streamed For 3 Billion Minutes on Netflix and the Writers Were Collectively Paid $3,000
  • And then we get into the weeds of how do we decide who gets grants? I’m a fairly enthusiastic watcher of Linus Tech Tips, and he discusses that the entertainment tax grants the Canadian Government gives out are so complex that only the largest companies (the ones who do not need the grants) can hire people to navigate the bureaucracy for the tax breaks. Is choosing artists going to be an America’s Got Talent competition? A random draw? What source do we get viewer/listener numbers from?

    I would love to resume the federal government’s artist programs like under the New Deal, but the reality is that our culture is more niche and divided than ever. Rather than swing and jazz being unquestionably dominant for music in the days of yore, now we’d have to check and verify every SoundCloud rapper, YouTube artist, and pop-megastar.

  • 'Suits' Was Streamed For 3 Billion Minutes on Netflix and the Writers Were Collectively Paid $3,000
  • But imagine the controversy a government would receive broadcasting various kinds of content. People deride the BBC as a mouthpiece of whichever party is in power despite immense work making it as impartial as possible

  • Steak, Egg, and Chips with Beef Gravy
  • Looks pretty good, would be perfect if the fries were slightly crispier but c’est la vie

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Before Apple went ARM, they weren’t perfect, but they weren’t the worst. You could swap RAM on iMacs, change out storage on Mac Minis. But as they adopted ARM, RAM was incorporated into the SoC. And while poor for interoperability, there are notable performance improvements in this system-in-a-package design. More so, they do allow for some storage upgrades with the current Mac Mini and Mac Studio, even if it’s still somewhat user-hostile.

    As for the charging question at hand, yeah…they probably WANTED something stupid like they did with MFi certification on lightning cables, but it seems as though the EU has already warned them about that. Hopefully we’ll end up with a pretty nice usb-c experience!

  • Superiority brings controversy
  • Finally, someone who gets me! My windows installs turn into such gargling abominations with all the customization I force into them that I could never relearn (before I retire) how to do all the stuff I can on windows in Linux.

  • Any alternatives to Google Photos?
  • How does it compare to Photoprism when it comes to image recognition?

  • What are some downsides of software being federated?
  • ActivityPub might be closer

  • Costing google money rule
  • My dude, “”””enriching”””” is a strong word

  • I'm too stressed out to function and pissed at the world. What's the best bbq sauce to put on chicken legs?
  • Bro this sauce is something to everyday carry. I could eat anything with it!

  • Austria-Hungary
  • Similar situation with Czechoslovakia

  • The Windows desktop is dying
  • I don’t think so. The less ubiquitous a local operating system is, the more problems hobbyists will have when it comes to support.

  • Tales of Arizona Barbie [Episode 2023]
  • I was originally skeptical that a Barbie could melt in the sun, but then I saw the word Arizona in the caption and am now fully convinced this is realistic

  • What is the best garbage disposal?
  • Any time man, have a fantastic night!

  • What is the best garbage disposal?
  • Could be the way it was installed, could be a faulty unit, but i swear by Insinkerator. Of course, there are alternatives if you’re out off by this situation, but I’d still recommend them

  • Quality lamps new?

    I’m looking for a buy-new quality floor lamp. When it comes to desk lamps, I’ve found a few bankers lamps but I don’t know which company makes the best one.

    Floor lamps though, I don’t know where to begin. I’ve heard “Build your own” a few times but I’d prefer a prebuilt or kit rather than buying the parts and making it myself.


    BIFL Wiki release!

    Hey y’all! Using data from my Google Doc, I’ve built a pre-alpha version a Buy It For Life wiki! Check it out!


    Request- Associated Press?

    Where can I find an Associated Press RSS feed? They seemed to have one ages ago but they’re all dead.