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What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • When I tried playing it there were a couple quests near the beginning where you get to choose someones fate. Nether answer is a good one and I felt bad whichever I picked. I stopped playing at that point.

  • How do you better tolerate caffeine?
  • If you need the caffeine to function, you should maybe talk with a doctor if you can. If you just like coffee you can start to dilute it with milk or a creamer. A hot coffee tasting beverage is all I need.

  • Looking for any resources about installing Linux one used laptop

    I was looking into buying a used or refurbished laptop and installing a Linux distro on it. Mostly want to use it for surfing the web, but I am sure it will have a lot of other uses. What are some good sites to buy a laptop? What should I consider as far as the type of hardware goes (Gpu, WiFi, etc)? What would be good distros to consider? I have been working with Linux for a long time, so I would not consider myself a beginner. Thanks for any advice.


    Question about the 3D editor view

    I am going through the Godot tutorial and am in the 3D part. I clicked the perspective button and changed to top view. I now have no idea how to return the editor camera to where it was before and the tutorial seems to expect you to be in this default view. I tried searching, but I don’t think I am using the correct words to describe what I want.