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What secret conspiracy would you like to actually start letting other people know?
  • Ok here is my tin foil hat conspiracy that involves the reason for the Iraq war and Deep Water Horizon. Ok so America went to Iraq on behalf of oil interests, ranging from opec to US oil companies. Ok here we go, so Iraq was flooding then global markets with cheap black market oil to India, China and France. This caused gasoline prices to be lower across the globe as there was always oil to go around introducing an artificial surplus. After the start of war the surplus started disappear and global oil markets stabilized from no longer having a surplus countries and companies had to now buy oil from manufacturers raising the price as there’s a cap on how much oil can actually be produced. This of course meant gas prices in the US (and I assume abroad) would have to go up. When Deep Water Horizon happened the administration saw an opportunity to then raise gas prices to actually what it should be. After conversations moved on from Deep Water Horizon the US government just hope people wouldn’t notice that the price of gas was never going to come down again to what they were before Deep Water Horizon happened. And that is how deep water horizon is connected to the invasion of Iraq.

  • What's was your favourite fast food product that unfortunately got retired and never came back?
  • Not exactly fast food but kinda junk food, the sugar free lime Red Bull it was so good it was an after work treat I would get myself. Then it just slowly started disappearing from shelves and then they were gone, I would love it if they brought it back. As for fast food double decker tacos at Taco Bell, they had a good long run so I can’t be too disappointed, but miss just being able to go in and buy them when I want.

  • Do a PhD, they said.
  • Sorry I must have structured the sentence in a confusing way, I did a full masters program, but they had doubts about the work I did and I could tell they wanted me to spend another year in the program, so two more semesters, how ever many months that is. I don’t know what part of the world you’re from or how you upper level schools structure their “year” but yeah two more semesters. I think they’re like four months each semester, so yeah that long. I was just done at that point and didn’t want to fork out any more money, honestly if they decided not to award my degree I would have been fine with that decision too, they just didn’t want it on paper someone “flunking” out of their degree program.

  • Do a PhD, they said.
  • When I did my master’s thesis and it was like this non stop for that last year. In my thesis defense I could tell my advisors wanted me to do another year of work, I was so absolutely done at that point, I didn’t want to spend another cent on that degree and really was ready to walk away from it. They gave me a passing grade anyways because it looks better for the school to have me graduate in their statistics then if I had quit.

  • What's the worst natural disaster you've been in?
  • Central Virginia reason, so Hurricane Isabel, I think we lost power for like a week had a bunch of trees down. Hurricane Gaston, wasn’t as severe I don’t remember a lot of wind or power going out but it just dumped a ton of rain on the region b/c like it just move so slowly over the region. And then I just remember a hand full of snow storms that closed school for awhile, and I think like a really bad ice storm where we lost power for like a week or two. But Isabel by far the worst.

  • feeling old now?
  • It’s happening to me this year and I feel it. I’m going to be an old fart that I said I never wanted to be. Wish I owned a lawn to yell at kids to get off of, guess I’ll just have to settle with being grumpy in the hallway of my rental whenever I cross paths with another human.