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Never seen the show, but come on Costume Department, you can do better
  • Both look really cheap, and are badly designed, especially when compared to lotr.

    For example look at the angles on the chest.

    Boromir's armour is angled to deflect incoming strikes. So if someone tries to stab him in the chest, the strike will slide off. It makes sense, and is the basis of good, functional armour throughout history.

    Now look at these other two. You can aim for the heart, miss and hit the ribs, and the tip will still slide and go under the pec. It directs all strikes towards your heart instead of away from it.

  • How can I go about using the tty only on my system
  • That really depends on what you're doing. It's only really useful when you're regularly SSH-ing into other machines for work. Otherwise you're wasting time every day so that you might save a second once every few years.

  • No Mercy
  • I was talking about regular fedora. It's not that you have to reboot, but you don't get to use those updates until you do. The most obvious example is updating the kernel and its modules.

  • No Mercy
  • Linux almost never needs to reboot after an update

    Doesn't it often need a reboot to apply some updates?

    I rember reading something along those lines then I was researching why Fedora installs some updates after a reboot. Most

  • GNOME June 2024: C'mon you can do better
  • Ubuntu, RHEL and Fedora use it as the default and they are very big distros. Idk if it's enough but that's what I know.

    I mean, that's pretty irrelevant. If you were for example at least comparing the downloads of fedora Vs spins, that would be a beginning of something.

    Idk. KDE was unstable for me and it always has bugs after major releases. They should test things better.

    1. In case it wasn't obvious: stability is not reliability

    2. So does GNOME, especially when you have a lot of extensions

    3. KDE is pretty crap in both regards

    Personal opinion.

    Is that why every distro comes with vanilla GNOME? Oh wait...

    But hey at least it's getting better over time.

    Meanwhile over the years KDE got lighter than GNOME while constantly piling on features.

  • GNOME June 2024: C'mon you can do better
  • the most popular

    Citation very much needed

    one of the most stable DEs on Linux

    Hardly, but I'm guessing you're thinking of reliability instead. Not really surprising when it's so stripped down that vanilla GNOME is pretty much unusable. When you extend it, in order to get a proper DE, that goes right out the window.

    That fact makes it especially funny that vanilla GNOME is by far the fattest DE around. How it manages to use up more resources than KDE is beyond me.

  • Standard rule
  • It's far more simple than that. The students are predominantly nobles, and they pretty much completely cut all ties to their previous lives.

    So why would you send a hot daughter to become a witch when you can marry her and make political gains? You send the disfigured one so you don't have to waste any more money on her.

    The 5th son doesn't need to be disfigured to be essentially useless in the political world.

  • The genesis of a nixOS user

    cross-posted from:

    > The product of a chat with @[email protected]


    (partially solved, will update when completed) Please help with an xfce/powerup bug: black screen after suspend/hibernate

    MX Linux, Xfce 4.18

    Closing the laptop lid suspends the system, opening it resumes it, but the screen is black. I'm guessing it's related to powerup because suspending through the logout menu and systemctl suspend both work as expected. When it's black, switching to a different tty works, as well as C-M-Backspace to logout.

    Same results with both lightdm and sddm, when replacing suspend with hibernate, and I've tried a few solutions like disabling lock on sleep.

    Seems like this issue has been around for years, but had a whole bunch of different causes since every other thread has a different solution.

    XFSETTINGSD_DEBUG=1 xfsettingsd --replace --no-daemon > /tmp/xf.log 2>&1

    ps -ef | grep -E 'screen|lock'

    xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -lv

    dmesg, cleared it before trying to suspend


    I'm not seeing a black screen, instead it turns on the display and then turns it off.

    Additionally, I tried closing and opening the lid a few times, and it woke up correctly.

    I tried it in i3wm with the xfce power manager to suspend after closing the lid. It woke up correctly 10 times in a row.

    Solution: start an xrandr config and the monitor turns back on.


    Non-general purpose posts

    This community is:

    > A general purpose programming community for English speakers

    Language specific posts like:

    and ide specific posts like:

    are not general purpose. Posts like that ruined /r/programming for me, and this community seems to be going down the same road. I'm here to read about programming concepts that can be applied to any/most languages, not patch notes for 10 different Js frameworks posted by karma farming bots. If I wanted to read posts like that, I'd have subbed to /c/javascript...

    Do you agree with me that they should be removed from /c/programming, and limited only to their respective communities? Or have I missed the point of this community?