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just found a flea on our cat, do we go full nuclear?
  • I used to work pest control and in addition to treating your cat for fleas you can treat your home with this. Follow the directions on the label and vacuum at least once a day while you are still seeing fleas. I've used this in my own home before and keep some around just in case.

  • Trans Snek Rule
  • Amazing thing about snakes is that they reproduce spontaneously. They have both male and female sex organs. That’s why somebody you don’t trust you call a snake. How can you trust a guy who can literally go fuck themselves?

  • What's your way of destressing?
  • I found a YouTube channel that discusses philosophy called Einzelgänger about a year ago and it helped change my whole perspective on life. I get stressed a lot less frequently now, but when am stressed listening to his videos calms me down better than anything else ever has. I've bought and read many of the books he talks about and look forward to buying new ones. My favorite authors so far are Arthur Schopenhauer and Albert Camus. I also recommend Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, the Tao-te Ching by Lao Tzu, and anything from Seneca or Epictetus.

  • 2 Nighthawks found during the day



    Little Dog, Big Ears

    He was born the smallest in the litter but ended up with the largest ears.


    Update on the baby Killdeer I rescued

    I can't say for sure this is the same one but I'd like to think that it is. It's in the same area as where I found it. This is a picture of one of three fledglings I found running around with one of the parents.


    Baby Killdeer I rescued from a storm drain

    One of the parents was running around the drain making a bunch of noise, went to investigate and found the baby trapped inside. I fished it out with a hair net wrapped around a coat hanger that I taped to a broom handle.

    The Sopranos Shah_of_Iran

    I want to know why there's zero growth in this family's receipts.

    Where's the fucking memes?! You're supposed to be shit-posters. That's why you've got the top-tiered positions. So I want each one of you to go out to your people in their instances, crack some fucking heads, and make some fucking posts out there! What you people are kicking up is a fucking disgrace. Frankly I'm depressed and ashamed.


    What is this icon for?

    This is the first time I've seen it and I'm not sure what it means. Thanks in advance

    The Sopranos Shah_of_Iran

    Historically, the fediverse always said Reddit is nothing more than a glorified crew.

    Plain and simple. We decapitate and we do business with whatever's left. This thing shoulda been done during the orangered vs. periwinkle era.

    Let me tell ya a couple of three things: Forget u/Poem_for_your_sprog, forget u/shittymorph who goes over to Jersey and never comes back, forget my brother u/fuckswithducks.

    Steve Huffman has no respect for this thing. He's never been in r/new, not really. Here's a guy who stepped over his own roommate to grab the big seat, his co-founder's code.