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Ryujinx - Progress report September Progress Report September 2023

Gather once more at the three-quarter mark, for beyond this point, your days become dark. September was an unusually quiet month for our friends publishing games with the only games of note being a rather underwhelming Baten Kaitos remaster, alongside a questionable Mortal Kombat 1. At least the la...

Progress Report September 2023

NegaMAME 0.259-1 release

Info: This MAME derivative has been designed to be used with the front-end Negatron in order to have complete access to all the machine configuration options within Negatron, especially useful for emulated computers and consoles.


Raine - 0.96 release Finally : Raine 0.96 !

Wow, this one was hard ! For those who have read the topic about the sh2 version, this is it, except finally there was no serious bug in the sh2 emulator, it was related to the cache read which is very specific to the saturn and which is useless here and which gave me an error very hard to unders...

Info: Raine is an Arcade/NeoGeoCD emulator as well as a great MAME alternative


shadPS4: PS4 emulator for Windows GitHub - georgemoralis/shadPS4: PS4 emulator for windows

PS4 emulator for windows. Contribute to georgemoralis/shadPS4 development by creating an account on GitHub.

GitHub - georgemoralis/shadPS4: PS4 emulator for windows

RetroArch 1.16.0 stable release


Panda3DS - 1 year anniversary edition (featuring Pokemon) Release Panda3DS 1 year anniversary edition (featuring Pokemon) · wheremyfoodat/Panda3DS

1 year since the first commit in the repo! This time I'm going to skip the formalities and just show some of what @noumidev and I have in store for you in this new update :p (Thanks @UDXS for the p...

Release Panda3DS 1 year anniversary edition (featuring Pokemon) · wheremyfoodat/Panda3DS

Citra - Vulkan is here! The Vulkan-o erupts - Citra Vulkan is here! · Citra

Hey there, Citra fans! (We haven’t used that one for a while, have we?) You’ve all wanted it and we’ve heard your cries and pleas. Vulkan has arrived and is here to stay, available now in the latest Citra release! Why Vulkan? Since the dawn of time — well, since Citra’s creation — many, many users h...


Ryujinx - July/August Progress Report Progress Report July/August 2023

Miss us? Summer only lasts so long and some of us need our holidays. 2023 continued to deliver swathes of new Switch titles with Pikmin 4 and a remast-... what? It’s a port? Well if you say so… Ahem, a re-release of Rockstar’s western classic: Red Dead Redemption.

Progress Report July/August 2023

YUZU - Progress Report August 2023 Progress Report August 2023 · yuzu

Tuturu~ yuz-ers. Did you feel that the last report was too short? Well, August was at full throttle! This month offers important graphical fixes, developers working around GPU limitations, several long overdue file system fixes, Skyline framework support, some Android and Apple love, and more!

Progress Report August 2023 · yuzu
1 GameRoy: JIT compilation in High-Accuracy Game Boy Emulation

Over the past two years, I have spent a lot of time working on my Game Boy emulator, GameRoy. It has reached a good point, where it has a GUI interface (including a debugger and disassembler) and passes numerous tests (comparable to some of the most accurate emulators). I even made a port to Android...


DREAMM 2.1 released for Windows, MacOS, and Linux Aaron Giles: DREAMM Downloads

DREAMM is a DOS Retro-Emulation Arena for Maniac Mansion and other LucasArts games.

Aaron Giles: DREAMM Downloads

DREAMM is a bespoke emulator for LucasArts titles running on DOS, Windows, and FMTowns platforms.


Play! (PS2) and Ares (multi platform) - progress reports


BigPEmu v1.07 released - Jaguar VR support is here, with head tracking and stereoscopic rendering.

What is BigPEmu?

BigPEmu is a closed-source Atari Jaguar emulator. It was originally developed for use in the game compilation Atari 50, and later made available for free separately.


Dolwin is now called pureikyubu (PlayCube in Japanese) 1.0 released Release pureikyubu 1.0 · emu-russia/pureikyubu

Hi. We've done a little rebranding. Dolwin is now called pureikyubu (PlayCube in Japanese). By this event the code base was cleaned up and to somehow get out of the black hole of versions I m...

Release pureikyubu 1.0 · emu-russia/pureikyubu

What is pureikyubu?

pureikyubu is work-in-progress emulator of Nintendo GameCube console. The goal of the emulator is to research the hardware features of GameCube and reverse engineer technologies used to develop games for this platform.


RetroHub v0.2.0-beta - New features include better stability for huge game libraries, support for Steam Deck, scraping by game file hash, and support for screen readers. Release v0.2.0 - beta · retrohub-org/retrohub

RetroHub Warning RetroHub internally upgraded from Godot 3 to Godot 4. This will likely introduce bugs, which will be patched on subsequent releases. This update will also make your existing setup ...

Release v0.2.0 - beta · retrohub-org/retrohub

What ist RetroHub? RetroHub is a frontend application, allowing you to manage and launch your retro-gaming library. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, yet packed with features and highly customizable.

RetroHub leverages the Godot engine to provide a powerful 2D and 3D game engine for theme developers. This way, themes can be very versatile and unique, creating a platform of endless possibilities for customizing your gaming setup.

Hideo Kojima teases Death Stranding 2 will change the meaning of "strand" | GamesRadar
  • I love to play Tycoon Games and Death Stranding feelt for me like one but with a little horror and shooting. Planing my Route, upgrading the streets, building constructions to be more effective and getting Likes for my constructions. I think it's a great game if you don't expect a Action shooter.

  • Weekly what have you been playing discussion - week of July, 31 2023
  • City Game Studio, a game like Game Dev Tycoon but more complex, you can have multiple Studios etc. and there are some great mods. And i played Tears of Kingdom... Like last month and probably the next month.

  • Duckstation Netplay Update Release It's Time Traverse The World · HeatXD/duckstation-netplay

    FRESH INSTALL RECOMMENDED YOU SHOULD STILL EXPECT SOME ROUGH EDGES IT'S BETA SOFTWARE Hey! this adds a new connection method. The traversal connection method allows you to join session using host c...

    Release It's Time Traverse The World · HeatXD/duckstation-netplay

    Cxbx-Reloaded, Insignia and Ares - Project Update 2023


    MAME 257