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  • Where else would have reached as many eyeballs in such a short amount of time?

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Morgan Freeman: "They do not"

  • Out for a bit, be back soon-ish...
  • Well aren't you just a douche canoe.

  • Trump Shooter Crooks Wasn’t on Rifle Team or Bullied, According to School
  • I bet that person you know's name is Kenny Powers, right?

  • Israeli attacked in Greece, assailants flee after seeing his cross
  • See, Israel. This is what antisemitism looks like.

  • Bella Hadid's Adidas advert dropped after Israeli criticism
  • In this case it was sharing Hamas propaganda that was not true

    [citation needed]

  • Bella Hadid's Adidas advert dropped after Israeli criticism
  • Still waiting for some actual examples of her antisemitism.

  • Larry Hogan blasts Project 2025 as a ‘dangerous path’ for GOP
  • At first I thought Hulk Hogan's first name was actually Larry

    Terry, actually. Terry Bollea

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warns anti-Biden Democrats about what comes next if they succeed
  • It's amazing that you seem to think she has a direct influence on how trump and biden are polling.

  • UN court orders Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories
  • I pray for Trump to win, just so that the world wakes up from its current trance by the US elite

    You must've forgotten that he was already president once.

  • Highly infectious poliovirus found in Gaza sewage samples
  • I thought the polio vaccine wasn't fully effective

    NO vaccine is 100% effective.

  • Firefox CTO Responds On Collecting User Advertisement Data
  • We don't owe Mozilla shit

    So don't use Firefox.

  • Stop. Calling. Everything. AI
  • Yea, if you ever had old DOS games, this button was a godsend.

  • Stop. Calling. Everything. AI
  • Lever 2000 comes to mind.

  • Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • I reg'd as R as a 20-something, but have only voted R once (2000 election), just never bothered to change my registration once I realized voting R was a bad choice.