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Is Radicale the way forward?
  • Same. The basic stuff works and i managed to replace recipes with nextcloud cookbook but its quite heavy caldav notes and tasks support on ios would be wonderful but i couldnt find something that integrates into our workflow and systems.

  • Is Radicale the way forward?
  • I currently rent a VM running nextcloud for family use. It currently shows its age with all the nescessary tinkering to keep it current. (also have to use the hosters db which is .. difficult)

    I'm thinking along the same lines...

    a smallffpc at home, dyn to my home ip, wireguard as a vpn into my home, The server runs: radicale caldav carddav, ksmbd family photos.

    my main problem: this needs to work on ios and android and linux and windows, reliably, which it currently does not in my test setup.

    currently lacking a solution for recipe sharing and shopping list sharing. Maybe setting up nextcloud on my own server is less of a hassle_..

  • Is it unethical to troll arrogant people?
  • Im also sorry to hear about sneezy mcglassfaces mom. The BBS I hung out on always referred to people who always act on "bigger is better" and hated anything unusual/ foreign as "Reptiles" because well reptiles behave the same way. I think we all thought it was clever and funny. Fast forward a few years the place is full of people apparently really believing reptiles in human skin suits are real and control the world. Similar thing i saw happening a few years later with the warhammer community. Talk about people unable to read sarcasm.

  • Ich iel
  • Wurde schon an anderer Stelle gepostet, aber hier nochmal der Hinweis auf den brillianten Artikel Facebook-User, die es 2016 nach Breitscheidplatz-Anschlag noch falsch fanden, Menschen mit einem Lkw zu überfahren, haben ihre Meinung offenbar geändert aus dem Postillon.

    Viele, die sich 2016 fragten, was das für eine furchtbare Ideologie sein muss, die den Attentäter Anis Amri derart radikalisiert hat, dass er in seinen Opfern offenbar nur Ungläubige, nicht jedoch Menschen sah, äußerten sich angesichts der Vorstellung, dass Aktivisten der "Letzten Generation" überfahren werden, so: "Mensch?", "Das sind nicht einfach 'Menschen', das sind Kriminelle, die alle sehr sehr wütend machen.", "Es gibt Menschen, die keiner vermisst, wenn sie weg sind."

  • Why are Mastodon's trending hashtags so ... dull?
  • Thank you, I found this list very helpful! I'm also relatively new to Mastodon and still trying to figure out how all of it works. For some reason my mobile client puts #catsofmastodon first and foremost, making it my current cute pictures/ dopamine app ;)

  • Any good debloated TVs?
  • Bought a cheap smart tv that works good. Then I put a Pi-Hole on my home lan. Wow that was a nescessary step! 10/10 better than using a dumb tv / appletv or firestick combo since it blocks the telemetry of all the machines on my network. Can recommend.