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It's exhausting...
  • Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. What more would you have us do? We're past the point of voting being the only thing you have to do to resist, and we're past the point of individuals being responsible for where we are. Levers are being pulled that the public and voters have no control over. If you're not in an organization that opposes fascism in some way, you're not doing enough.

  • Self-Regulation
  • Nobody said that. You can't just make shit up and act like it's what the person you're arguing with is thinking.

    Also people talk about this shit like we bombed today's Japan. Japan was a horrendous empire. They were doing the same shit the Nazis were doing but in asia. Do you condem the Dresden Fire bombing this fervently? Or do you just defend the stuff that's buzz worthy?

    Not nuking Japan would have allowed the USSR to invade Japan before they surrendered. Meaning another East/West Berlin/German situation. Can you honestly say that would have had a lower death toll?

    Stop hopping on this contextless internet hills for dying on and learn your history.