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Shortest license agreement ever.
  • This is from the perspective of the company so you'd be 40k in the hole. You'd want something like "Upon agreement to the terms the licensee will receive forty thousand US dollars ($40,000) within ninety (90) from the licensor. There will be a penalty of one thousand US dollars ($1,000) for every day after that period if not paid."

  • Phishy
  • Then you are still trusting people to hover the link before clicking which from what I've seen isn't the best. Though there is the added benefit of using this as additional training to hover...

  • "But my friend runs a PinePhone as a daily driver"
  • It's definitely frustrating to have to search out the correct type of earbuds. Every type that I've bought this has been a feature that I'm specifically looking for. I would say most earbuds don't work like that.

  • Is there any lemmy client that lets you download posts for offline viewing?

    I'm going on a flight soon and was hoping to download a community or two for offline viewing, does anyone know of an app or tool that lets me do that on my phone?


    Conquest Decks

    What decks are people using to get through conquest?

    Personally I'm using an electro ramp deck with black panther and Arnim Zola. It seems to be able to get an 8 cuber early on with kang to make sure the 8 cubes isn't completely unsaveable.

    So far only 2 infinite tickets but I haven't invested too much time into it.

    I also just use proving grounds for quest completion lol