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Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less
  • Before covid I switched jobs. Got about $12k more. Months go by, COVID hits and I can't do my job (didn't have the flexibility and daycare was shut down). So I get my old job back but said I'd do it for $X where X was another $10k above from the new job.

    Switching jobs definitely works. It sucks giving up a sure thing and the comfort zone though

  • Why did Occupy Wall Street fade away and how can we start it back up again?
  • Some anecdotes from my experiences during this time:

    I lived and worked in downtown Chicago at the time, right next to the Board of Trade. The local OWS was set up right next to it. I remember the traders had dumped out a bunch of McDonald's job applications from the window onto them below. I would walk by them everyday for months and absolutely no one was paying them attention. It was a small group of people and eventually one day just like that, they were gone.

    A week or so after OWS started I was visiting NYC and we ended up at Zuccotti Park where it all started. I think there were more people selling pins, buttons, and various arts and crafts than there were actual protesters. I remember my FIL asking each one if they were trying to supplement a living or if they were purely a for-profit capitalist venture taking advantage of an opportunity at an anti-capitalist protest. I just couldn't stop laughing. He was serious.

    Went to a wedding in Tulsa a few months in the whole OWS movement and their main park had an encampment of tents with signs but didn't see any activity.

    The big thing I noticed was there was virtually no people of color present, no organization, was a gathering of almost entirely white (mostly young) Leftists, that like usual, failed to cobble together a coalition from other demographics and really just seemed like a spectacle.

  • Defeated CEOs are now conceding hybrid working is here to stay
  • My wife works in a large suburban office park off a major highway. The company designs hardware so obviously they have people in the workshop on-site etc, but you could remove three of their office buildings and keep those people at home. She also flies out from the east coast to the west coast twice a year just to sit in a conference room for two days straight.. it's like no one has ever heard of Zoom.

    I've been working from home for nearly a decade and a half now. It has enabled me to keep my job after moving halfway across the country. I have dinner ready when the wife and kids get home, the laundry done, and can go for a jog at the local park for a few laps when I want to and yet I still get shit done and do a great job.

    It just absolutely baffles me that CEOs aren't chomping at the bit to downsize their office space footprints, get off those leases or sell off their properties, and let everyone work from home.

  • "Night-treks"
  • I lived in Chicago for many years. The Edward Hopper piece was always my favorite to visit at the Art Institute - that and the Bruce Nauman Clown Torture multimedia exhibit when they'd rotate it in.

    E: a word

  • The cast of Enterprise
  • That's Brad Dourif the doc from Deadwood in the image for Phlox.

    He played a psychopathic betazoid, Lon Suder, in three Voyager episodes. One of my all-time favorite characters in Star Trek.

    He also was in Dune, LotR, and Alien Resurrection among other credits.

  • Eww, Copilot AI might auto-launch with Windows 11 soon
  • Not a fan of it being forced upon anyone but I'll add lately that I've been using it to spit out Python scripts and ansible playbooks to stunning efficiency that makes my life much easier.

    I tried Bard last year and it sucked, maybe Gemini is better now. I could see myself paying for one of these eventually, given how much more free time I have with the kids (or at the bar!).

  • Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO
  • I took a good look at Apache CloudStack. I of course have been migrating stuff to k8s and working with cloud native stuff that can be hypervisor independent or bare metal even.

    I'm this close to an NSX-T cert and that will be the last one. That will be in high demand for quite some time I'd expect.

  • Question regarding the routing table

    Let's say I have a Linux VM. Default route is the gateway to the top of rack switch for public internet and a public IP is bound on one virtual nic.

    2nd interface is on a private network so the VM can be reached anywhere on the VPN. This is a management network where the gateway is on the other side of the data center.

    A lot of stuff sits on the that needs to reach this vm so a static route for the second interface points that /8 to that gateway on say

    Now inside the same cabinet are devices sitting on

    If I didn't do anything, would hitting something on say route traffic through gateway outside of the cab and back? I would think so as it sees the routing table and has no way of knowing.

    If I want to optimize traffic so nothing is routed and traffic stays local to the cab, could I just add a third nic and give it an IP of say and hitting .2 would arp / hit it directly through the switch in the cab?

    5 ESPN reportedly leaning towards opting out of MLB contract

    With the rights fee market going through a squeezing, ESPN could look for more bang for their buck from MLB.

    ESPN reportedly leaning towards opting out of MLB contract
    Political Memes RalphFurley

    Better hide Fido

    Political Memes RalphFurley

    This was the best Impractical Jokers episode


    Weird spam calls...

    I lived in Chicago for years but moved away a while ago. I still have my 312 number.

    A couple years ago I started getting about 10 calls a day from 312 area codes that immediately hangup when I answer. I tried remaining silent, speaking, anything, doesn't matter.. same result.

    I have a Google Pixel and often it will send it straight to voicemail and I always get a 4 second blank voicemail. On occasion the calls will pass the filter and ring, no one or nothing ever says anything though.

    I'm guessing these are bots with spoofed ID checking to see what numbers are active. Hell, in the 90s I used to wardial to check for active carriers with my dial up modem.

    For now all I can do is mark each call as spam and block and delete the voicemail.

    Changing numbers isn't an option so maybe I have to just live with it.

    Any ideas Lemmy?


    Is it normal for your BP to rise after quitting

    Quit drinking and smoking cold turkey 9 days ago and my BP is about 140s over 80s (was observed to be even higher about 72 hours in).

    For reference, I've always had a low sodium, plant-based diet and never really had elevated blood pressure before I quit.

    Just curious if this will ever go down on its own, my plan is to wait a couple weeks and see, but curious.

    UPDATE: yes, well aware of stopping abruptly. I was more like a 2-5 beer/day person and had frequently stopped for a day or two without issue so wasn't terribly worried, but I did check BP to be sure nothing wrong undetected was going on.

    I didn't have any symptoms outside of elevated BP and after checking frequently the last couple days I'm about mid 120s to 130 over 70s consistently.

    So, in my own personal experience (and we are all different) it does seem that quitting both abruptly caused a temporary elevation in BP for several days.

    I have been hydrating regularly (2 liters minimum of water daily, plus I eat a lot of plants with high water content anyway), yoga, cardio, Peleton. Sleeping better.

    I will continue to monitor and contact my Dr if needed. I believe my annual checkup is soon anyway.

    Thanks for all the responses.


    Just ordered a Libra 2

    Coming over from the Kindle Paperwhite. Said screw Amazon recently. Canceled prime, Kindle Unlimited.

    If anyone has any tips or advice, feel free to share. But just wanted to say it feels good getting out of the Amazon ecosphere.