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What is the actual point of a bra?
  • bras were a cheaper alternative to corsets. and yes, they were popular and not as oppressive as hollywood would have you believe, and they were considered good for back support. Bras didn't need nearly as much metal or time. And since they were cheaper, they were more common. At least, from things I've heard elsewhere.

  • Lawyers for megachurch pastor blame 12-year-old for ‘initiating’ sexual contact
  • In case anyone is not sure, this behavior is completely normal in the Christian circles. The number of times I heard people, preachers, or whoever blame the victim for causing the man of god to stumble is far more than you would want to know, and was every time.

    One thing to understand about many Christian groups is that they elevate their preachers to a very high standing and believe that they are "so close to the Lord" that they just don't do bad things. So, in order to preserve this cognitive dissonance, it's the child that tempted them to sin.

  • Looking for a way to get automatic calendar event creation from email

    This is a feature that I miss, along with attachments on calendar events. I was thinking of building something myself using NLP and NER to read an email and extract calendar details from it, but I'd need access to an API to be able to do that and the API is no longer public. Is there any way to either get access to these APIs or some other workaround for this?

    Work Online, Live Anywhere RagingHungryPanda

    Travel Tip - Maps (Moovit)

    Google maps doesn't always have good data for transit.

    Another option is the app Moovit. It's served me well in Latin America. I'm also trying out Organic Maps and OsmAnd, which are Open Maps apps, but I can't really comment on them yet.

    The only catch with transit directions in apps is they'll often have bus numbers, but the buses here have signs for the neighborhoods they go through or the final stop, which makes things tricky, especially since you're trying to read the sign while the bus is moving.

    Banned from service for replying all to two recipients.
  • That is a good idea, but unfortunately I'm completely locked out

    Edit: I thought I was replying to a comment to check my sent mail. Oh, I replied from the android drop-down menu with Sync. I should let the dev know.

  • Banned from service for replying all to two recipients.
  • I hit the send button and got a red banner message saying my account has been suspended for spam and that it's not intended to be used for sending out mass messages.

    I was reasonable with the support message. I know it has nothing to do with them :)

  • Proton mail - high energy usage when background loading of mail is turned ln

    I noticed my battery drained really quickly since getting proton mail, but the energy use in Androids battery report would only show a few percent. I went from being able to go w whole day with plenty of battery left it having to charge once or twice a day. I turned off the background email loading and my battery levels are back to normal.


    A way to reply to a ban

    Hey there! I recently got server banned b/c I was sharing a link in men's communities and I was mistaken for a bot.

    I didn't have a way to respond to the ban. I was just logged out. I didn't see a link or even which mod did the ban so that I could reply to them, but then I couldn't get into my account to reply anyway.

    It'd be nice to maybe get a "if you think this was in error" email or something.

    Although I know that if lemmy was the size of reddit, people would hook that email up to chatgpt, so :/

    Anyway, it'd be a nice feature to have. I doubt I'll need it again, but I was quite confused as to what to do.


    My buddy wanted to do something about male loneliness and made this website for dudes to make friends

    From my friend: men are lonely and no one is doing anything about it, so I want to do something about it.

    Ask Lemmy RagingHungryPanda

    Are we still unavle to upload images?

    I've tried a few times and resorted to leaving a link. Is there a better way, alternative, or a Lemmy version of imgur or something?

    I mainly use the Sync app.