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Sanders Pushes Harris to Pursue Agenda That 'Speaks to the Needs of the Working Class'.
  • I'm sorry. I don't know much about Kamala Harris. I'm not american and all i heard was that she worked hard for the prison industrial complex and got a lot of people put in prison?

    If i am wrong than I'll gladly say I'm wrong. I hope she does then what Bernie is asking of her.

    Sorry if i was wrong :)

  • Sanders Pushes Harris to Pursue Agenda That 'Speaks to the Needs of the Working Class'.
  • Harris: "yeaah.... That's gonna be a no."

    Edit: dont be mad at me. Im not american and only heard people say about harris that she did a lot to put people in prison.

    If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong and i'm sorrry and i hope she does what Bernie is asking her to do.

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • Wait... Where are people praising fucking bush? You're just making shit up now.

    Also the top ones are pieces of shit and so are the bottom ones.

    Or did you see one downvoted to hell post saying some positive shit about someone on the bottom and you instantly just had a stroke?

  • Google Pixel 9 Pro XL Packs a Punch with New Specs Unveiled in Latest Leak
  • I have had my phone for 7 years now and recently replaced the battery for 20 bucks. I don't really understand the need for fast af phones when everything already works smooth as butter. What are people doing on their phones that needs that much power?

  • People are having trouble following Harris’s campaign Twitter account
  • It pisses me off how twitter went to fuck. People cried that we need something not owned by some rich cunt. We told everyone to join mastodon so that wouldn't happen again. What did people do? Wait for another rich cunt (mark suckerberg) to start a clone and the original creator of twitter to make another one and join that...

    People are dumb as shit... I'm sick of it.

  • Her face probably feels like a used saddlebag.
  • So when we talk about a politician in the united states we have to use american curse words? Do you want me to also censor the word fuck? Oh sorry, i mean the F-BOMB. People on Lemmy are from all over the world and the american circus is very well known worldwide. When we comment on an american political figure, we will still use the slang we always use. It is not meant in a misogynistic way. I promise.