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Zed on Linux is out!
  • Comptime replaces macros/reflection.

    It's basically Zig code that runs at compile time in your code...

    No other "weird" language to learn; it's zig all the way. What you would have written in macro is written in zig comptime.

    Even the build system is zig...

    Same for generics, it's comptime...

  • Zed on Linux is out!
  • As I mentioned, a couple of tasks loosely related. The patch you are mentioning isn't complete nor address the real problem.

    It is an ugly hack at best.

    Refrain from your urge to defend rust at all costs. You are sliding more and more toward the specifics of a project than the fact I stated about rust in general.

    If you still not get my initial point I've made, read this.

    That's a long read explaining what I meant. My point was about Rust, not Zed or the developers of Zed in particular.

    And for the Zed editor, I wish them the best luck, it seems like a great project that people enjoy.

    Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the article above, my dear favorite nutritious veggie.

  • Zed on Linux is out!
  • There are no patch, the issue has been closed as in rejected.

    There are a few tasks that are open that are loosely related, but let's not mix things up.

    Moreover, I will take the words of the maintainers over a random potato on a forum.

    No offense...

  • Zed on Linux is out!
  • That's what I am saying.

    To quote you: "they don't want to rewrite everything" ...

    Writing Rust often implies major refactoring and it takes so much time to write that your requests go: "pewf" closed due to the amount of effort it takes.

    Anyway, been there, done that! Zig is probably the real future; it's a joy to write, it compiles fast, clear to read, and safe.

    It has shared libraries and a proper integration with existing C/CPP code base.

    You should try it, that's an amazing language with a real potential to replace the legacy.

  • Zed on Linux is out!
  • Quoting the guy:

    "that rewriting those in Rust will take an eternity, so not sure what is actionable here, hence closing."

    That's Rust shining from all its glories here gentlemen...

    The best language, if there is nothing changing.

    That's a thing to make a web server or a library that displays Fibonacci, that's something else when there are humans with changing scopes...

  • What are you working on this week? (June. 16, 2024)
  • I am reinventing everything in crates that requires zero dependencies, no unsafe code and the strict minimum of macro usage.

    Like I did a simple date/time library last week, I started an error management crate this week, which pushed me to start a logging crate.

    I am using the "log facade" crate for the logging, for compatibility you know, but that's it.

    The goal is to minimize the dependencies and create straightforward crates.

    Most of the time, we really just need a car instead of the 18 wheeler.

  • 2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • You forgot "Recall".

    I wanted to make a wordplay here, but I couldn't find one.

    Anyway, a lot of people are worried about the OS remembering everything you are doing like it's taking screenshots all the time.

    For my part, that would be a big no-no.