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Playboy "Land Yacht" illustrated concept by Syd Mead

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> Source with more images and info: The Playboy Land Yacht Concept by Syd Mead (1975) - Blog > > ::: spoiler More images > - Main picture without text: > ! > > - nocturnal view — through the rear window: > ! > > - Driver Console: > ! > > - Sleeping Format: > ! > > - Conversation format: > ! > :::

Performance, memory and CPU usage tests of Tailscale, Netbird, Zerotier and Wireguard (+ UPD)
  • Another user posted the blog where they discuss their speedup techniques:

    It's likely that the kernel version can use similar techniques to surpass the performance of the userspace version that tailscale uses, but no one has put in the work to to make the kernel implementation as sophisticated as the userspace one.

  • How to help the community
  • Like helping to find a bug, discussing about how to setup an application for a certain use case or anything like that? Answering questions on Stack overflow is an example but is that the best way?

    Generally the best way to help out is to do a thing that's needed and that you can figure out how to do. Your list includes a bunch of good options, and I've been thanked for doing all those things at one point or another. Some common growth paths include:

    1. Using the software
    2. Encountering bugs, problems, or small opportunities for improvement.
    3. Discussing those informally in forums and helping people find workarounds.
    4. Identifying some of those issues as common things other things experience as well, so filing bugs for them with clear explanations and links to related forum discussions.
    5. Reading source code to better understand bugs.
    6. Discussing potential fixes in developer bug threads (or in GitHub or whatever).
    7. Submitting small fixes for simple bugs as pull requests.

    Another path might be:

    1. Using the software and reading forums/docs for help.
    2. Answering basic questions on forums, looking to old threads and relevant docs.
    3. Learning about common questions.
    4. Writing blogs or forum posts about common questions.
    5. Submitting improvements to official docs to clarify common areas of confusion.

    There are other paths as well, the main thing is to use a thing so you learn about it and then use that knowledge to make it a little easier for the next person. Good luck!

  • HyperDX – open-source dev-friendly Datadog alternative
  • I had a look through the comments on this HN thread the other day and came away more intrigued by than hyperdx. Hyperdx is built on top of clickhouse whereas open observe has it's own storage engines based on parquet files that can be accessed from local disk, S3, or a few other protocols.

    I haven't tried either option yet... I'm, currently using netdata for metrics and don't do anything special for logs or tracing, but at tiny self-hosting scale I often find software with it's own storage engines (often sqlite) to be extra hassle-free. I'm curious to kick the tires on openobserve for that reason.

  • Anyone else feel like Lemmy's "Hot" algorithm for comments isn't "Hot" enough?
  • You misunderstand what the Hot rank is doing. It's not balancing newness vs hotness, it's scaling hotness according to community size. This might feel like newness if you're focused on vote counts as a proxy for post age, but it's a different approach. See for details.

    There's a couple ways to think about this:

    1. There are a handful of Lemmy communities that are just WAY more active than everything else. The main feeds are kind of lame if you have to scroll 300 posts it to find anything other than a shit post from the same 3 communities. Scaled Hot rank shows a greater variety of communities by making it easier small communities to get ranked hotly.
    2. Or you can consider Hotness to be a rough measure of what percentage of people who have seen the post interacted with it. A post with 500 upvotes in a community with 10,000 active users is kind of popular, but only 5% of the people likely to have scrolled passed it cared about it. A post with 50 upvotes in a community with 200 active members is much MORE popular relatively even though the absolute numbers are smaller.

    At any rate, this preference toward smaller communities in hot is a recent change and deliberate. While they might further tweak the scaling factors, I wouldn't expect it to be drastically different. It sounds to me like what you want is Top, Active, or Most Comments. All these are unscaled according to community size and will get you top posts by their absolute metric rather than posts that are doing well relative to their community size.

  • WoL through Wireguard
  • This is a very strong explanation of what's going on. And as a follow-up, I believe that ZeroTier present a single Ethernet broadcast domain, and so WoL tricks are more likely to work naturally there than with Wireguard. I haven't used ZeroTier, and I do use Wireguard via Tailscale/Headscale. I've never missed the Ethernet features of ZeroTier and they CAN result in a very chatty wan if you're not careful. But I think ZT would make this straightforward.

    Though as other people note... the simplest/least-disruptive change is probably to expose some scripty thing on the rpi that can be triggered via be triggered over a routed protocol and then have the rpi emit the Ethernet broadcast packets from the physical network.

  • What was your experience climbing the career ladder in tech?
  • I don't think titles directly transfer between companies, and yet the industry allows it. It's a very useful tool for advancement.

    This may be true on some corners of the industry, but at the more competitive end (both in terms of competitive pay, and a competitive pool of candidates)... I believe it's common to relevel on hire. I've seen folks go from director to senior and from senior to junior at my org. The candidates being offered those seemingly big "demotions" often seem to be somewhere between unphased and enthusiastic about the change, presumably because the compensation package we offer at the lower level beats what they were getting with an inflated title and because they know their inflated title is nonsense and they're frustrated with the other aspects of organizational dysfunction that accompany title inflation at their current company.

    What you say is real, and sometimes a promotion in one org can help bridge you into an org that would have been hard to get hired into as a junior, or harder to get promoted in. It's not without risk though. All things being equal, I'd much rather spend my time working on a strong team and learning a lot and being challenged than to be in a weaker org that's handing out inflated titles. Getting gud isn't a guarantee of advancement, but it's at least as reliable over the long haul as title inflation.

  • Inside the F1 team treating esports like a Formula One Grand Prix

    I've seen the technical heart of Alpine, the F1 team bringing Formula One's obsession over data to sim racing tournaments.

    Inside the F1 team treating esports like a Formula One Grand Prix

    > Welcome to ATHASCON 2023, a virtual role-playing game convention celebrating all things Dark Sun! Step into a post-apocalyptic desert realm where you battle to survive the harsh and unforgiving elements, savage psionic beasts, bloodthirsty raiders and the minions of the evil sorcerer-kings. Register now for only $5!

    Anyone else noticing engagement and post quality issues?
  • I dunno how to hotlink, but if you scroll to the active users graph at you can see there's been like a 25% dropoff in active users since the peak in July. Lemmy has still grown 50x since May, and it's much MUCH more active than it was then. But we've definitely crested a peak and not everyone who gave Lemmy a shot then is sticking around in a monthly basis.

    This isn't necessarily bad. Lemmy is still young and has many rough edges, it wasn't realistic to win all the users that tried it on ease-of-use in a head to head with reddit. And Mastodon has had multiple growth waves interspersed with periods of declining usage, but with the spikes has grown ie remained stable overall. Early-stage commercial social media have big ups and downs in engagement and growth as well, and just like lemmy those ups and downs are often externally driven... when competitors mess up, when a big global news story hits, when a major sporting event happens... these can all be catalysts for one-time growth. It's not a straight line.

    Time will tell what user level we stabilize at in the short-term and what events spur new growth, but it's normal to have a big expansion be followed by some degree of contraction.

  • Cost Benefit: Tailscale vs. Tailscale w/ Self-Hosted Headscale Instance vs. VPN Provider
  • No no, sorry. I mean can I still have all my network traffic go through some VPN service (mine or a providers) while Tailscale is activated?

    Tailscale just partnered with Mullvad so this works out of the box for that setup:

    For others, it's a "yes on paper" situation. It will probably often not work out of the box, but it seems likely to be possible as an advanced configuration. At the end of the line of possibilities, it would definitely be possible to set up a couple of docker containers as one-armed routers, one with your VPN and one with Tailscale as an exit node. Then they can each have their own networking stack and you can set up your own routes and DNS delegating only the necessary bits to each one. That's a pretty advanced setup and you may not have the knowhow for it, but it demonstrates what's possible.

  • Cost Benefit: Tailscale vs. Tailscale w/ Self-Hosted Headscale Instance vs. VPN Provider
  • To a first approximation, Tailscale/Headscale don’t route and traffic.

    Ah, well damn. Is there a way to achieve this while using Tailscale as well, or is that even recommended?

    Is there a way to achieve what? Force tailscale to route all traffic through the DERP servers? I don't know, and I don't know why you'd want to. When my laptop is at home on the same network as my file-server, I certainly don't want tailscale sending filserver traffic out to my Headscale server on the Internet just to download it back to my laptop on the same network it came from. I want NAT traversal to allow my laptop and file-server to negotiate the most efficient network path that works for them... whether that's within my home lab when I'm there, across the internet when I'm traveling, or routing through the DERP server when no other option works.

    OpenVPN or vanilla Wireguard are commonly setup with simple hub-and-spoke routing topologies that send all VPN traffic through "the VPN server", but this is generally slower path than a direct connection. It might be imperceptibly slower over the Internet, but it will be MUCH slower than the local network unless you do some split-dns shenanigans to special-case the local-network scenario. With Tailscale, it all more or less works the same wherever you are which is a big benefit. Of course excepting if you have a true multigigabit network at home and the encryption overhead slows you down... Wireguard is pretty fast though and not a problematic throughout limiter for the vast majority of cases.

  • Combine duplicate posts from different instances?
  • I'm not sure what data you think liftoff is parsing that lemmy itself is not or could not, but none of the issues in play seem to me to be meaningfully different in an app vs in the core software

    I wouldn't bet on a short-term solution though.

  • What does the "community ban" alert actually mean?
  • You were banned from the community and are no longer allowed to post or comment there, there's a public record of this in the modlog:

    The best practice is for the mod to put a comment in when they ban someone about why they did so, but there's no such comment in your case. You'd have to look back through your post and comment history to try to guess what you did in that community around 2mo ago when the ban happened.

    It's also a good practice IMO to do temporary bans for first offenses, but the mod in this case appears to have issued a permanent ban, so you're done interacting in that community unless you can message a mod to request being unbanned.

    Some mods tell you when they take action, but many don't. It would be cool if Lemmy itself notified you, but it doesn't... you have to search the modlog to see.

  • Are containers the equivalent to AppImages and APK downloads for self hosted services?
  • These kinds of super-general questions that try to box very powerful and flexible technologies into specific categories often don't really have a single useful answer, but more a series of more specific comparisons that can be useful in specific situations:

    1. Container ecosystems like Docker and Podman do package up executables and dependencies together... so yeah... they're definitely a useful format for delivering portable executables that can run on many distros. They're not the only option for that, though... flatpak, snap, appimage isn't popular for servers but it can be used that way.
    2. Docker and Podman aren't just images though. They provide runtime primitives for both sharing info across containers and for isolating containers from each other (and the host). Appimage doesn't do much at runtime. Flatpak and Snap do provide runtimes that do a lot of similar filesystem and maybe process isolation tricks but I don't think they provide the network namespacing that classic container runtimes provide.

    All of which is to say... there's some overlap among the technologies you've described. Analyzing the tradeoffs between them is much eacher in the context of a specific use-case than the general case of "portable apps", which can mean very different things to different people.

  • Combine duplicate posts from different instances?
  • I don't think this is a thing and I'm not sure it reasonably can be.

    • Maybe if someone properly crossposted, Lemmy could know which posts are identical and skip dupes. Though it would still be a crapshoot which community got displayed... you might end up seeing the comments from the original post in some tiny/dead community while a crosspost to a huge community blows up with it's own comments.
    • But for non-crossposted duplicate posts... there's no relationship between them as far as lemmy is concerned. They're separate posts to separate communities that just happen to look very similar. Deducing such a scenario is very sticky.
  • Weekly reminder to clear your Liftoff cache.
  • I use Jerboa the most, Liftoff and Connect see similar usage... though liftoff gets a bit more. It's not a case of Liftoff being the only actively used app though, or even the most actively used app.

    I use them all enough to have maxed out a few hundred megs of cache. But it seems quite likely to me that other apps are doing a better expiring data from their caches than Liftoff.

  • 3-screen Ridge Racer arcade sim left to rot, then salvaged


    100% compatible way to get 2FA on Jellyfin Tutorial.

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    > For people asking for a way to run 2fa on jellyfin i have a solution. I will elaborate more if people are interested as not writing a guide for no reason. > This method allows users to simply use their login credentials into the default jellyfin login page, and 1 second later your DUO app on your phone will buzz for a confirmation to sign-in. (meaning no redirects and this method 100% compatible with all clients) > > install the LDAP plugin on jellyfin. > install Authentik in your server with docker. > create a DUO security account. > in short, jellyfin query's your Authentik LDAP server for ther user login, then LDAP will query DUO. > > Unfortunately, DUO only allows 10 users with the free account, then you have to pay extra. of course with this method you are not bound to only use DUO, you could you a web-auth with your phones bio-metrics to sign-in instead of DUO. there are many ways you could query the users phone through Authentik, but DUO is the most continent. > >


    Jellyfin mess sorting The Haunting Netflix series

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    > Hi guys! How do you sort this series so it shows properly on Jellyfin? It's a bit messy on my system. If I leave it as Sonarr downloads it, as in: > The Haunting > -Season 1 > -Season 2 > > Then Jellyfin will show episodes of second season as if they're all part of Season 1, just duplicated. Of course if you play them you will watch the second season episodes, but they're in the order as in S01E01 (shows as such), S02E01 (shows again as S01E01), S01E02 (correct), S02E02 (showing as S01E01)...and so on. > > I just tried renaming them as: > -The Haunting on Hill House > -The Haunting on Bly Manor > This fixes the S01, as it shows everything as it should (well, in the subfolder Season 1 on Jellyfin, but that's fair I guess). However for Bly Manor it reads it as if it's again episodes of the Hill House. What am I doing wrong, and how can I sort this mess? Ideally in a manner that Sonarr also catches it, so it won't try to re-download everything if I don't pay attention, as this second method doesn't seem to agree with Sonarr (as it's expecting everything under the same single folder). > > Thanks!


    Vaultwarden Users: Folder Unassignment Bug?

    Hey Vaultwarden users... I was turned on to Vaultwarden by this community and have a new installation up and running. I've recently imported a pretty substantial keeypass DB and have been manually validating the import and tidying up my folder organization as I go, including selectively moving some credentials to an organization with the future intention of adding family members to that org to access shared accounts.

    By and large it's all going swimmingly with one concerning exception. Every now and again, a bunch of credentials forget their folder and get moved into "no folder".

    • I don't have a reliable reproduction yet, but it seems vaguely correlated with bulk moves. In the web-ui, I'll check a bunch of entries to move from my vault to the org, and OTHER entries I didn't touch get moved to "no folder" in my vault as a side-effect.
    • Once I had a folder disappear like this as well
    • I think I understand the basics around how collections, folders, and nesting of those containers work. I'm fairly confident that I'm not getting tripped up by just failing to understand the implications of the operation I'm doing.
    • I'm using sqlite for my db backend. I'm perfectly comfortable running a Postgres instance, I just thought the no-maintenance and no-dependencies approach of sqlite felt like a good match for this tiny but critical dataset. Could it be that the sqlite backend is under baked and I"m hitting some persistence bug?
    • Fwiw I've also seen issues where I get an encryption key error saving an entry or I see tons of missing entries.In each case logging out and logging in works around the issue. I had assumed this was browser/web buglets, but now I wonder if it's more signs of storage layer problems.

    Have others seen similar issues? What db backend are you using?

    Battle Maps PriorProject

    Trying to fix a lack of Sci-Fi battlemaps on the web

    cross-posted from:

    > I don’t see many Sci-Fi battlemaps being posted so I thought I would help out a little bit. I have been running 2 sci-fi rpgs concurrently for 3 years and have amassed quite a few decent maps that I have made in DungeonDraft. They are nothing special, but considering how rare sci-fi maps can be, I hope someone finds them helpful. These were all made for 40k or SWN but feel free to use them wherever.

    Starfinder General Discussion PriorProject

    What's Next for Starfinder: EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews What's Next for Starfinder

    We talked with Thurston Hillman and Jenny Jarzabski at Gen Con about what we can expect in the next few years from Starfinder. With the announcement of Starfinder 2nd Edition, the pressure is off the development team and they can finally talk about it. I got a chance at Gen Con to talk with...

    cross-posted from:

    > Thurston Hillman and Jenny Jarzabski share what we can expect in the next few years from Starfinder.


    How to set up Podman with NVIDIA GPU acceleration and macvlan networking on Gentoo Gentoo with GPU-enabled Podman and MACVLAN

    Gentoo with GPU-enabled Podman and MACVLAN. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

    Gentoo with GPU-enabled Podman and MACVLAN

    cross-posted from:

    > Getting GPU acceleration working is a common task for those of us running Plex or Jellyfin. There is not much documentation for getting the NVIDIA container stack to work with Podman, even less on Gentoo, plus there have been a lot of changes to NVIDIA's container toolkit lately. > > I have been fighting with Podman for a while now and just recently got it working 1:1 with my Docker setup. Gentoo may not be the most popular or easy to use distro but I documented it in case some poor soul runs across it searching the web. > > Feel free to poke holes in it or leave feedback.


    Brad Pitt Hits Brakes On Formula One Film Apex's Production In Support Of Strike Brad Pitt Hits Brakes On F1 Film Production In Support Of Strike

    Brad Pitt is reported to have paused production on his Formula One film, to show support for the SAG strike. The Oscar winner is currently in Europe filming Apex, but a source has told UK media tha…

    Brad Pitt Hits Brakes On F1 Film Production In Support Of Strike

    cross-posted from:

    > The Oscar winner is currently filming Apex in Europe, but won't be shooting at the Belgian Grand Prix.


    Mekkies replaced by Ioverno at Ferrari ahead of Belgian Grand Prix Ferrari's F1 reshuffle unveiled as Mekies departs - The Race

    Ferrari racing director Laurent Mekies will leave the team at the end of this week ahead of his move to AlphaTauri.

    Ferrari's F1 reshuffle unveiled as Mekies departs - The Race

    Ferrari racing director Laurent Mekies will leave the team at the end of this week prior to the start of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. Diego Ioverno, previously head of vehicle operations will succeed Mekies and take up the role of sporting director.

    Mekkies move move to AlphaTauri as its new Formula 1 team principal was already announced in April.

    1 Release 11.306 | Foundry Virtual Tabletop

    The official website and community for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

    0 Version 12 Feature Preview | Foundry Virtual Tabletop

    A summary of the planned priorities for Version 12 of Foundry VTT, including the results of the Patreon feature vote.

    The Patreon votes are in, and the roadmap priorities have been set for the Foundry v12 series.

    • In the Patreon vote, it was close overall. Event triggers by by a single vote over terrain and cover.
    • Both event triggers and terrain and cover will get their foundations laid in v12.
    • There will also be work on Canvas and Vision improvements, including improvements to global illumination, elevation, vision/senses, and token animation.
    • There will be work on the form/html rendering to support per-world themes.
    • There will also be under-the-hood work on a third iteration of the dice-rolling API, improvements to the Prosemirror text editing widget, improvements to the websockets API, and DB optimizations.
    Jellyfin PriorProject

    GPU for 4k Transcoding in Jellyfin

    cross-posted from:

    > I'm starting to get more and more HDR content, and I'm noticing an issue with my Jellyfin server. In nearly all cases, it's required to transcode and tone map the HDR content. All of it is in 4k. > > My little Quadro P400 just can't keep up. Encoder and decoder usage hovers around 15-17%, but the GPU core usage is pinned at 100% the entire time, and my framerate doesn't exceed 19fps, which makes the video skip so badly it's unwatchable. > > What's a reasonable upgrade? I'm thinking about the P4000, but that might be excessive. Also, it needs to fit in a low-profile slot.


    Konzeptfahrzeug Steinwinter 2040


    > The Steinwinter Supercargo 20.40 Concept was an all-new way to solve the issues that heavy, un-aerodynamic and difficult to maneuver tractor trailers suffer from. Designed by Manfred Steinwinter in 1983, the Steinwinter Supercargo 20.40 Concept debuted at the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show. Measuring a scant 1,170 mm (about 46-inches) tall, the Steinwinter Truck Concept was lower than many sedans of the day.

    This is the concept vehicle that formed the basis for the Highwayman truck in

    Edit: I guess according to the Highwayman truck was a modified Peterbilt, but it's hard not to see it as a design nod to this.


    A 1980s Dystopian Sci-Fi Truck From "The Highwayman"

    cross-posted from:

    > If you are old enought to remember this show, you now make noises when you sit down. > As a ten year old, this was the coolest truck on TV, the trailer would split open from the top and there was a helicopter hidden inside.


    This post overviews several self-hostable management systems that enable one to configure multiple clients and tunnels via wireguard. It gives a nice comparison between them, I learned a bit about how they compare and overlap.


    FP1 Highlights | 2023 British Grand Prix

    FP1 highlights from the F1 YouTube channel. Events of note include:

    • Lots of upgrades from lots of teams were running on track. Plenty of aero gizmos on track to get performance data today.
    • Bunch of custom liveries this weekene as well, including from McLaren and Williams.
    • It was dry sunny running for a change.
    • No major on-track events, Nyck de Vries had a spin in his Alpha Tauri, but was able to recover and complete the session.
    • Albon put in a P3 time in his Williams if you're inclined to try to read the tea-leaves of free practice times to predict performance later in the weekend.

    FP1 standings were already posted at


    Why Were Track Limits Such An Issue In Austria? | Jolyon Palmer’s Analysis

    Highlights of Jolyon Palmer's analysis front the F1 YouTube channel. His full analysis is longer but available only on F1TV via paid subscription, this is the free/public bit and doesn't feel like a teaser... it completely covers one of his major topics and completely omits some other stuff.

    Original description:

    > We saw a lot of drivers receiving penalties for leaving the track during Sunday’s race at the Red Bull Ring. But why did we see so many track limit violations? Jolyon Palmer assesses why we saw so many penalties and what can be done to prevent so many violations in future races, presented by Workday.