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Mike Johnson and Donald Trump to promote bill to prevent non-citizens from voting
  • I think a lot of people are missing the next step of the plan. First, they push a bill that specifically says it is illegal for non citizens to vote. Assume the bill passes, because why wouldn't it? You already have to be a citizen to vote. It's all political theater, after all, so there is no need to pick a fight.

    Then red states come through with a fucked up interpretation of the law that says felons are no longer U.S. citizens. Now it is illegal for felons to ever vote again. The law would be challenged, appealed, and eventually make its way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, that is absolutely going to side with the "States right" to choose what happens to their felons.

    Finally, they use selective enforcement of law combined with aggregate data from any number of sources to build felony cases specifically against political rivals. Then you have red states that can never go blue again.

    This is all fascism 101.

  • What tier are you currently playing and what is you main build focus?

    I am just about to make the jump to WT4, and starting to look at options other than my rend/ bleed barbarian. So what is everyone else playing? What do you like / dislike about your build so far?