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Voters don't like Biden's economy — but why?
  • The “economy” they keep touting doesn’t really affect the average American. We’re broke because of how well the “economy” is doing for the capitalist class. I’m pretty disgusted with America. I don’t want trump to win which is the only reason I’ll vote for Biden.

  • I prefer “singularities.”

    These cats, and their sister (not pictured) are often referred to as “voids.” I’ve come to take issue with this term for my cats. Call your cats what you want, but I think of the black cats in my life as “Singularities.” Void implies nothingness, while a singularity is an object so rich with matter its density is infinite. My black cats are in no way “nothing,” but are, in fact “everything.” People call them voids because they’re invisible sometimes, but singularities are so strong that light can’t escape. Like I said, call your cats what you want, but “singularity” better describes three of mine.

    The gang’s all here.
  • They’re all over each other all the time. They do have plenty of space in the house, and they even allow me a small place to sleep if they aren’t using it. They are nothing if not benevolent.

  • Danger
  • She used to make me nervous because she would just appear out of nowhere, and that’s why I named her Danger. As we’ve gotten to know each other better she has been the sweetest cat. The “or else” is reserved for when her brothers and sisters act up.

  • Danger

    This cat is the sort of cat everyone should know. She thinks as much contact as possible is the right way. She is the cuddliest cat I know. Danger is a super sweet girl.


    Rudy with her blue eyes

    These cats and I have been on a journey. As I’ve


    Quick question

    Is there a reliable way to keep this from exploding?