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When you finally get to watch Discovery and realize it isn't actually an enormous pile of mugato dung
  • It's pretty bad. Comparing it to other Trek or not. Writing is atrocious. Much of the acting is bad. Crying Captain crying damn near every episode. Not developing much of the bridge crew over 5 years. Not to mention not remembering their own rules (I remember once they said they couldn't jump while cloaked, and then they did it).

    Stamets, Saru, and Georgiou were they only ones that kept me watching.

    If others can find joy in it, sounds good to me, but I'll pass thanks.

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • The top comment in this thread is "yeah Biden might be a vegetable, but vote blue no matter who."

    How exactly are lefties any better? Your leader is losing his mind, clearly not fit to lead the country, but you'll back him anyway.

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • Out of all the shows I've seen over the decades, out of all the characters I've seen, Garek is probably my absolute favorite. When top tier writing meets top tier acting. Beautiful.

  • Anyone else who used to be on Reddit in the early 2010s remember how it used to be a Wild West?
  • It was great before the dot com bubble burst. Even obscure fan websites had paid advertising. Even for a while after, is was great and still usable mostly because corporations hadn't yet figured out how to completely monetize the internet.

    Message boards and forums were the extent of online engagement. I miss it.