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The world is running out of soldiers
  • Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like some (a lot) of your benefits are from your injury/disability?

    Are you saying everyone should get disabled coming out of the military in order to collect benefits?

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • How else were they supposed to air their accusations?

    LTTA fans would have immediately gone after her for her accusations if she randomly made them. LTT fans have done this in the past.

    She definitely bandwagoned, but it was likely the safest way.

  • Tyson is recalling nearly 30,000 pounds of its dinosaur-shaped nuggets
  • That is a 3lb chicken. Cornish cross chickens (which is what they would be using for something like this)would be slaughtered at 9-10 weeks which would make them 10-14 lbs.

    So using your ratios above, 1 chicken yields 4.5 lbs of cooked meat, which means 7,333.333333333333 chickens.

    It’s substantial less chickens.

    Although the amount of harvested meat would be higher because they grind everything into a paste as you noted.

  • Some Walmart employees say customers are getting hostile at self-checkout — and they blame anti-theft tech
  • They were never intended to have 100% of the teller/check stands open.

    It’s for surge and holidays, if you go in on Black Friday or other super busy times, you’ll see a vast majority opened.

    It also makes counting easier, if 1 person uses a drawer and it’s off, it’s easier to hold a person accountable, rather than if 5 people used it

  • Kroger introducing AI at self checkout to lower both accidental and organized crime theft.
  • Ignore them.

    Unless you are in a store where you are a member (Costco, etc) or are stopped by LP, you don't actually need to hand over your receipt.

    Stores do have shopkeepers privilege for stopping shoplifters, but usually it requires witnessing the event directly.

    A receipt checker wouldn't witness it so you can usually ignore them.

    Bonus, if they try to physically stop you, you due the store

  • Comments on Trump lawyer Alina Habba's use of "gaming laptop"
  • Actually, dell and Lenovo charge a large enterprise tax.

    It's typically cheaper to buy a gaming laptop vs a similarly specced "enterprise" laptop.

    There is little difference between them, other than "enterprise drivers" (which are just signed drivers) and some virtualization differences. Neither of which are required for a lawyer.

    But sure, I bet a law firm has some nephew picking laptops and doesn't just allocate out laptops