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What is the actual point of a bra?
  • I am also reliably told that the removal of a bra - particularly a tight one - at the end of a working day is almost as wonderful as the feeling of taking your socks off when you get home.


  • Opions on buying a used Flip 3 5g?
  • I've got one and it's cool... but that's about it.

    It's starting to chug now with modern apps (or legacy apps with new updates), the touchscreen is becoming increasingly unresponsive, that battery health is starting to go off a cliff... but all those factors can be levelled at any two or three year old phone.

    The hinge is the problem. My understanding is that Samsung has made a better design for the SGF 5 and 6, but i'm already on my second phone after the hinge caused the phone screen to bleed out from the centre, and I'm getting the crackle of doom from the hinge starting to sound already.

    If you're desperate for a flip phone, then I'd advise you stay clear of the SGF3 and consider the Oppo Find N2 or the Nubia Flip.

  • Anon chats with an elderly woman
  • Very location dependent. I grew up in some semi-rural areas and everyone says hello to each other in passing, and you can tell by their body language or reply whether they're up for a chat about bollocks or not.

    Urban areas at rush hour - particularly London - is a different ball game. A thousand, maybe 1500 people (I don't know what the capacity is these days) people crammed onto a line of trains, and not a single word being spoken between anyone. I have never felt a feeling of being somewhere heavy populated but being so utterly disconnected since.

    Yeah I get it - there's folk who don't want to talk (fair enough) or can't be fucked with pre-work or post-work talk (even more fair enough), but nothing so much as even an "alright mate". I suppose public transport attracts it's fair share of... unstable people, so maybe it's just easier and safer to zone out.

    When two people come together in a "chat shit" mood though, it's really interesting who you can end up speaking to.


  • UK General Election voting megathread
  • I took my eldest in with me to show how it all works, what the people to, what voting is, why it's important, why it's secret etc.

    He looked entirely disinterested. Fair enough, but I was hoping it would take another thirty years before he got to that stage!

  • On the Internet, what is a dead giveaway that someone is actually a kid?
  • To take it to a logical extreme, it frustrates me when a post that considers both (or more) views and is a well thought out post, is met with a single world reply - as if it's some sort of "gotcha" or the fact that a single ambiguity in a largely solid argument somehow usurps the entire point.

    I tend to think they're either young or generally underexposed to how human interaction works.