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  • You can't really grow the same crop in the same field season after season (without fertiliser), because they'll sap the specific nutrients they need from the soil. If you do that over and over eventually the soil wont have any food for that crop. Growing something different each season that takes different nutrients from the soil lets it recover the other ones. I don't know how it recovers on its own, circle of life stuff probably. Modern farming can cheat by artificially replenishing the nutrients with fertiliser.

  • I can't hear without them anymore
  • Interesting, fair enough, that makes sense. So your receiver was getting a 5.1 signal, but it really did just ignore half the channels when you set it to output 2.1.

    That's not the problem I think most people here are complaining about though, which is sound mixing / dynamic range / editing making speech too quiet, rather than having the wrong settings.

  • I can't hear without them anymore
  • I don't think missing channels get muted, they just get shared into what's available. A 5.1 soundtrack played on a 2.1 system is going to share Centre between L and R, and put SL onto L and SR onto R. I have an old surround sound system that can't decode the new codecs that Disney plus etc use, but the Chromecast knows this so just sends it out a 2 channel boring signal. Dialogue is fine because it just goes to the two speakers equally, rather than be cut out. If your system is set up to output to 5.1 speakers but you just haven't plugged in the centre speaker, then that's a different thing and you would miss stuff, same as if you didn't plug in the front left speaker.

  • Italian net closes in on 'Fleximan' - vigilante destroyer of speed cameras
  • Why are they so far away? There is logic to what you're saying, according to this website Americans drive on average twice as far as Italians/Germans etc. so if you scale by that America is still slightly higher but not as bad.

  • Tories facing 1997-style general election wipeout
  • You're right, but I think the idea of Farage being in charge of pushing through any sorts of ideas (even if it's reforms that are good) is making people uncomfortable, which is what could be read from your first comment.