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Let's chat about these SEVEN nuclear power plants the LNP want to build ...
  • It's really just kicking the can down the street. My expectation is if they got into power, they would say the figures are more than they realised, say they have to fix Labor's economic mess and they'll come back to it when the economy is in the black. Like others, I would have seen it as viable 20 years ago, but it is just so expensive, they've cancelled builds overseas because of cost blowouts and Europe is turning off reactors because of all the renewable energy in their grid. The claim it would be cheaper annoys me the most, as it is an outright lie. All the liberals do is shovel shit and coal

  • What policy or program would you pay more taxes to support?
  • Anything that doesn't just funnel money back to millionaires. I've never understood people's aversion to tax, especially when they should be focusing on the rigged two party system that is at the core of the wastage.

    If I have to choose one, universal basic income, it solves a lot of problems. It can help people in need, but if you want to be selfish about it, at least it lowers the odds that someone will rob your house.

    As for people worried about making sure it goes to the right people, I would rather pay a few scammers than risk having someone in genuine need suffer

  • Fucking Trudeau
  • Although I agree with your point, my mum bought salt reduced baked beans enough when I was a kid, that it was obvious she didn't read the label, just pattern matched the can/colors. This plant based label is very obvious though.

  • I know that naming variables is one of the biggest unsolved problems of Computer Science but how would you name a boolean flag to be self explanatory?
  • Our IT often use a Boolean as a shortcut for figuring out things in code. For example, if there's a charge we don't apply to some customers, instead of setting it to zero, they'll have a Boolean on the customer to decide whether they skip that part of the calculation. On top of this, they then name it in a way that limits how many records they have to update, this leads to many settings phrased in the negative, such as "Don't apply extra leg charges". As an extra layer on this, more recently they were made aware of the confusion this causes for staff and their solution was to change how end users are the question, which causes the "yes/no" in the interface to read the opposite of the "true/false" in the database