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Crooks Steal Phone, SMS Records for Nearly All AT&T Customers.
  • After seeing how at&t manages their systems, their app, their stores, and talking to tech support... This doesn't surprise me at all. This all from the viewpoint of a layperson who has used them for service for 15 years or so. Unfortunately I also have a Verizon account and they seem to also be utterly incompetent. I think it's rampant in the telecom industry to just have absolute shit for a back-end. A race to the fucking bottom. Fuck these execs that enable this shit, send them all to jail.

  • Is Denon AVRs making a humm noise a common thing?
  • I had a bunch of problems with a recent Denon and noise. One issue is present until I put the unit into ECO mode. The other required me to add a common mode filter to my input AC (I used an emotiva cmx-2).

    It's been frustrating because I've been running Denon AVRs for years and this newer model is the worst of them all for noise issues (AVR-X6700H)

  • Qualcomm AI/Copilot PCs don’t live up to the hype
  • Most of this column makes a lot of sense and I'm sure it's more correct than not, but the lack of detail to back up his claims is a bit frustrating. The security section in particular reads like a "trust me bro" rant. It's been a while since I've seen anyone suggest that Intel is the best choice for system hardware-level security.

  • Asus agrees to a whole raft of US warranty service improvements after it meets with Gamers Nexus
  • Steve Burke is a treasure. It's rare to see anyone in the space stand up to companies like Asus because so many of them are dependent upon getting review samples for free and so on. He just doesn't seem to give a shit and I love him for it, and his subscribers reward him for it. I wish the auto industry had more people holding their feet to the fire.