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  • Jokes on them, I like getting scammer calls and fucking with them. My favorite was when a scammer called me from a German phone number (I'm in Canada). I answered by yelling "NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, NEIN!". My family looked at me like I was crazy lmao.

  • In 1976, concert tickets cost less than $10. Now, they can go for thousands. What happened?
  • That's not really a solution. You will always have people willing and able to pay the ridiculous prices. The thing is that passing up the chance to see your favorite artists could mean never seeing them at all. They might die, retire, disband, etc..

    I saw Ozzy in 2019, had to drive 15 hours from Canada to New York. He was 70 years old and still fucking killed it, was everything I hoped it would be. I grew up listening to his music and absolutely had to see him at least once in my life. I doubt I will ever get the chance to see him again. I fucking hate that I paid Ticketmaster's inflated prices and would rather give my money to anyone else. But I don't regret it.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • I've wanted to get an EV for years now. Just don't have the infrastructure in my area yet and out of my price range. But I didn't consider buying used. It's great to hear that I shouldn't concern myself with replacing the battery.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • I read that the issue with used EV's is that you eventually need to replace the battery pack which can sometimes cost you as much as the car.

    Edit: Seems I was misinformed. Glad to hear that replacing EV batteries is not much of a concern.

  • No one should have to “grow a thicker skin”: Valorant studio commit to harsh penalties for harassment
  • Where did I say it was ok? It's obviously not ok, that goes without saying. You seem to be focused on what happened and missing my point. This is the reality of the internet. It's been that way my whole life. As long as you can remain anonymous people will do horrible shit. They can ban as many players as they want, it's not going to change shit. Trying to force people to behave will never work.

  • No one should have to “grow a thicker skin”: Valorant studio commit to harsh penalties for harassment
  • I grew up with the internet, I've heard it all. My experience was far from perfect. I just learned to deal with it and not expect the whole internet to change. There's a long list of solutions to this problem. Block them, mute them, don't engage, log off, create a new account, etc..

    At the end of the day, nobody is going to protect you from the bad things that can happen on the internet. It's up to the individual to protect themselves and not take morons so seriously.

  • No one should have to “grow a thicker skin”: Valorant studio commit to harsh penalties for harassment
  • Completely agree. People seem to have thinner and thinner skin these days. Everything is an insult, racism, attack, etc... The internet is not a friendly place, never has been and never will be. If you can't handle it then maybe you should just not use it or learn not to care so much about what random internet strangers say to you.

    Parents, teach your kids to not feed the trolls.

  • Lego’s first Legend of Zelda set is a 2,500-piece Great Deku Tree
  • Completely agree. I loved Legos as a kid but now they suck. Why would I want to buy a set that can realistically only be used with that set. It's way too complicated. I want to dump them all in a bin then build whatever I want and not have to sort through all these useless niche fucking pieces.

  • A burger being "100% Beef" is not a good thing

    My whole life I've always hated burgers that you get from fast food/restaurants. It's just a bland beef patty with a bunch of toppings that make it a pain to eat. These places advertise their burgers as being "100% Angus Beef!" or whatever, like that makes it appetizing... Why is this the norm? Do people just not know any better?

    I learned how to make burgers from my dad and our approach is completely different. It's all about the patty, not about the mountain of toppings. We throw onions, garlic, bell peppers, egg, worcestershire, salt and pepper (anything you want really) into a blender. Blend it all up and incorporate it directly into the beef. Then you shape your patties. This method makes the actual burger patty delicious, you could eat it as is if you wanted (which we sometimes do).

    I've yet to meet anyone who didn't prefer our burgers. Try it and you'll never go back to those bland meat disks.


    Pressure canning food

    So me and my dad were talking about pressure canning and how it's very uncommon. I've never talked to anyone irl that pressure cans, maybe some water bath canning but that's it. I wonder why it's so uncommon? You can get a pressure canner for less than 150$ and it's incredibly useful.

    I mainly use it for stock/broth but you can use it for so many things, tomatoes, soups, chili, baked beans, stew, spaghetti sauce, etc.. Honestly, anyone who cooks whole chickens somewhat regularly should invest in a pressure canner. I cook two whole chickens at a time and use the carcass to make about 14 litres of stock. I also make beef, turkey, pork and smoked variations of these.

    It's so much better than buying your stock at the store. I will admit that it is a lot of work, from start to finish it takes me about 3 days because I wet brine my chickens. But you could just buy the bones from your butcher which I have done. Just wondering if anyone else does this or reasons why you don't do it?