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my child won't rule
  • While you’re not buying that key, definitely don’t also pick up:

    FEO-K1 - Most popular elevator key

    EK333 - Popular cabinetry key

    22343 - Linear popular key

    C415A - Popular cabinet key

    CH751 - Popular cabinet key

    16120 - DoorKing popular key

    Jigglers - For latches

    1284X - Popular key for Ford police cruisers, taxis, machinery

  • Codecov is now Open Source - Codecov
  • It’s BSL so I guess open source but not “free software”?

    Edit: okay as has been widely pointed out this is not an open source license. The text of the license says this. They have updated the post to (kind of) acknowledge this. They also state that this non-open source license “aligns strongly with our own open source goals and intent for Codecov at this time”, really committing to try to confuse whether or not they’re open source

  • Is there a Fediverse Live Streaming platform yet?
  • Storage limits sound like a problem for VODs, not actual lives. And it’s probably one that could be gotten around by throwing some money at your peertube instance and asking for a higher upload limit.

  • Signal Essay about CIA ties and anti-FOSS
  • Signal haters are back. I skimmed it and didn’t see anything remotely convincing or new. I was hoping this lemmy community wouldn’t turn into quite the level of deranged conspiracy posting as the subreddit of the same name, but it looks like that may not be the case.

  • Signal Essay about CIA ties and anti-FOSS
  • Matrix, where it’s ambiguous if you’re sending encrypted or unencrypted messages, disappearing and view once messages aren’t really a thing, and the server logs all metatata. Much better than signal.