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  • Hmm. I've taken some time to think about your reply. My point was the same but worded in a way I guess doesn't make sense. It's a cartoon. Why does it matter how the cartoonist represented their thoughts? People getting upset over it is dumb. That is why I made a both sides of the cartoon. Either way you look at it you're going to have people that either agree and laugh or get upset and irritated and then lash out over how it isn't appropriate or whatnot.

  • Dads
  • So many upset people. Everyone is different in experiencing this issue. Sometimes both spouses know the allergies and sometimes only one does and sadly sometimes neither give two shits about their kids.

  • Crochet OrderedChaos

    Doily I finished this morning by Zoya Matyushenko.

    Took me a couple months off and on due to me getting stuck.

    Crochet OrderedChaos

    Smallest one yet!

    I modified a .5 mm hook and sanded/shaved it down to somewhere between .4 and .3 to make this one. I used regular sewing thread.

    Crochet OrderedChaos

    Micro owl doily

    Not sure why the eyes are weird even after blocking. Need to try it again.


    Bumblebee on our butterfly bush