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[Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • as a queer leftist (look up ag kamala's record on gender affirming care for trans inmates for a fun time) I support her on electoral grounds- she isn't visibly falling apart at the seams like Biden and can do the physical work of campaigning and interacting with potential voters. We can work with this.

    She is also on record as having a somewhat tougher stance on Israel's war (unlike Joe, who supported them no matter what they did). That's my personal red-line issue so I'm glad there's some semblance of a shift there :/

  • Maximum Prescription
  • article from the Wikipedia footnotes with a success story involving a 30 year old virgin IT guy. might be interesting for the wider lemmy userbase (affectionate)

    Hard to believe it's legal in the US though (even the regular therapist in the article didn't believe it initially).

  • Jeremy Corbyn re-elected as independent in Islington North after expulsion from Labour
  • Honestly, I'm not full on Russian. I haven't lived there since 2022 and when I did I was not meaningfully politically active, nor do I personally know many people who are. All I really have is the language and a view of Russian social media.

    However Russia still has free and open Internet access, with the notable exception of Facebook Instagram and Twitter (and lots of people evade those blocks as well- laws on firewall evasion are harsh but enforced pretty selectively, like for content piracy in the West).

    Unfortunately many politically opinionated Russians seem to have very right wing politics only occasionally dressed up in "liberal" language (hey, kinda like America). For example, a prevailing opinion among "liberal" opposition is that Gaza should be annexed and/or turned into a parking lot by Israel (possibly because Putin himself has expressed lukewarm verbal support for Palestine). And also like America this is a generational thing with the youth seeming to be more left wing/anticapitalist, but that position is locked out of politics. But even on e.g. reddit you still have plenty of people on /r/askarussian. Same for YouTube and telegram. Those are all proper social media with sizeable Russian populations and relatively lax censorship. I'm sure there are some on the fediverse too, but they can't get too uppity lest they invoke the wrath of roskomnadzor (fedi is more vulnerable to selective censorship than centralized networks like yt/tg). I'll compile and link to a list of English speaking public figures I like in a followup comment.

    As for the future changes, it's very hard to predict, but I think the most probable change in Russia will start after something happens to the physical health of one very paranoid man. The war is so clearly against the objective interests of a very large portion of Russia's ruling class that I'm amazed it was allowed to happen at all, but so far it seems like an effective method/excuse to tighten the screws on internal opposition. Seems like that's really the only thing the regime excels at and how they stay in power. The tipping point (as it was all the other times) is a physically unbearable economic crisis, to the point people start experiencing real hardship such as famine. At that point people start looking around for alternative answers to their political questions.

  • Jeremy Corbyn re-elected as independent in Islington North after expulsion from Labour
  • One immediate difference is that the mountains of Afghanistan are very ill suited to fighting a conventional artillery centered war, unlike the steppes of eastern Ukraine.

    Also I disagree with the second paragraph. As our (inshallah) future president says, "you exist in the context of all in which you live and what came before you". Ukraine's decision making is dependent on the internal politics of the US and to a lesser extent the EU. I kinda doubt the EU by itself could handle supplying Ukraine if America elects trump and tells them to take a hike). Shit, we are seeing europe turning to fascism before our very eyes now that they're experiencing real inflation since the Russians cut off their cheap gas.

    I am very worried about how that will affect Ukraine aid as europe turns inward and starts focusing on rooting out the evil immigrants who are apparently to blame for all their problems.

    Despite all that, as a Russian and a socialist I do hope Ukraine isn't conquered and the Russian pseudo monarchy has a revolution and is replaced with something more democratic. I just don't see a clear path to there with how things are going in the world.