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Path of Exile: Introducing the Currency Exchange Market
  • I think one of the major reasons why they are having to do PoE 2 is because the game has garnered a reputation of being a spreadsheet simulator, which really hurts any new users from picking the game up. This is, of course, an almost imminent death to any game. There is also some truth in it, in how the game has bloated itself to where it is now, where any seasonal character has to click 50 buttons between running maps.

    PoE2 lets them not have to invest time in their current set of issues and start fairly afresh. Even if half of their committed users don't pick up 2, it is still bound to outperform 1, I feel.

  • [Steam] Forza Horizon 4 ($11.99 / 80% off)
  • Didn't they just announce end of service for the title? I could be wrong so best check it out before believing me or purchasing. Still a relatively fun game to play now and again off game pass if you have that.

  • Do any Indians own Ganges-front property?
  • Well, it's technically a river so.nor sure about Beachfront but I'm sure it's possible. As an example, if you look at Varanasi you do see so many people living right next to the river. However, building next to rivers is also probably not recommended because of silty alluvial soils and seasonal flooding. Not to mention that the river is plenty polluted as of now so it's not like living next to it is a particular value add if you have the funds

  • The US needs to build 2 million houses to revive the American dream of homeownership
  • Building houses to solve the housing crisis implies that the crisis was caused by a lack of homes. Every single one of the 2 million houses would be picked up by a property firm or a Chinese millionaire just the way it has been happening for the last ten years. What you really need is legislation, but what you are getting is more food for the hounds.

  • US Supreme Court lifts ban on gun bump stocks
  • I'll preface this by saying I'm not American so the point of this isn't a statement on seconds amendment. What I do not understand is, why would citizens be so obsessed by this format of firearms that it would make it all the way to the supreme court.

  • Senior Riot devs say the League of Legends playerbase is getting older, with fewer newbies jumping in: 'Candidly, it's not the same situation it was 10 years ago'
  • That's a bit of an unsolvable problem at this stage as well because when not enough new people pick up the game, they can't be matched with new players. Naturally, you end up getting matched with other low skill players who are, in a good number of cases, in that skill bracket because of this behaviour.

  • Started my fist dose of antidepressants this week

    Last night was the first time in a month when I had a full night of sleep. Now I've been waking up at 8AM instead of going to bed at 2 PM. Don't have a lot of people to share with but I'm not sure how to describe how I feel. It's like the absence of a headache I didn't know I had. My body feels much lighter and energetic. Hopefully I'll get back to cooking for myself this week!


    How is the kyovashad sewer bigger than kyovashad itself

    There's like ten houses there altogether. Just what do they eat?


    Season 1 builds thread

    Now that patch notes are out and the season is almost here, I wanted to start talking about what classes everyone is planning on playing.

    Come share your experience with your build to help others decide if or not they should start with it.

    Personally, I played a crackling energy sorcerer and that feels like such a bait by Blizzard since there aren't any good enough support items for it. With the two updates to spear and the unique, the build might be better now but is definitely two tiers below most of the meta spec builds.

    I'm looking to play rogue or druid or barb in the season but druid and barb feel like walking around too much might be a pain. How was your experience with it?


    (SPOILERS) A moment of silence for Betboom

    Boys went from 2:0ing Tundra to potentially not making it to TI.

    NA reigns supreme yet again by sending TSM to TI after winning 33% of their major games and never scoring a point during majors.

    Which team is going to pick Pure for next season to gamble their TI hopes on?