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Fire Sale? Amazon Flooded With Dodgy 16-Pin GPU Power Adapters
  • Amazon has become a middleman for Alibaba at this point. If I don’t mind waiting for a part I’ll just order it straight from Aliexpress or a component seller.

  • Climate Activists Stormed the Stage During a Christie's Auction in New York
  • People get mad at climate protesters for throwing things on art and tell them to protest rich people propagating climate change instead. Here they are, finally protesting against the rich and people still find things to get mad at them about.

  • SpaceX worker injuries rise as Elon Musk accelerates Mars mission, report says
  • Colonizing Mars during this century seems so braindead to me. There are lots of issues, such as:

    -Lack of substantial life support resources- it would be difficult to make oxygen or water from the elements on Mars.

    -High surface radiation levels mean structures need to be underground

    -It takes a very long time to shuttle supplies between Earth and Mars, and it would be unfathomably expensive.

    -The tendency for humans to lose their minds in isolation means we need to use robots, develop "hypersleep", or build an elaborate and expensive base to keep humans entertained.

    -The red planet is hostile to electronics. There are miles and miles of dust to clog up devices, and high wind speeds could damage above ground structures. Wind+dust=static, which is the arch nemesis of computer technology.

    Let's start with solving climate change, living on the moon, or mining asteroids and see how it goes.

  • Democratic Staffers Told To Let Constant Calls For Cease-Fire ‘Go To Voicemail’
  • Why should they be expected to have the manpower to answer every single one? A voicemail gets the message across perfectly fine.

  • Michigan people probably know as well
  • I worked on one of these ships, honestly Lake Michigan was the scariest one to be on at times

  • Maybe (HBO) Max Just Isn’t Worth It
  • It seems like the interface took a nose dive too. It’s a lot more sluggish and harder to find new things to watch.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • You can always use a keyword filter depending on what client you use to browse Lemmy- it makes browsing a lot more enjoyable.

  • Introducing the community teams
  • They call me human Chat gpt

  • Mickey Beam - 1993 - 1994 Old Skool Jungle / Hardcore Mix
  • Liked this on soundcloud about 6 years ago! #1 Jam!

  • Disney+, Hulu Merged App to Launch Next Month, Bob Iger Says
  • If anyone needs help "jumping ship" let me know.

  • Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in) (1967) (#1 Jam of All Time)

    When you feel like you've been mistreated And the planet's turned it's back on you Just open up your heart And let the sunshine in


    Issue 2 Implications?

    Will I be able to walk into a medical dispensary like Rise on December 7th and buy a joint? What will the situation look like by then?

    90's Music Number1SummerJam

    Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours (1999)


    c/neat, a nifty all purpose community on Lemmy! Neat - For neat stuff you found - Lemmy.World

    For stuff that’s neat. Neat article? Neat video? Neat pic of a bug you saw? All good. Neat meme? Ehhh… take it to the meme subs.

    Neat - For neat stuff you found - Lemmy.World
    Ohio Election Result THUNDERDOME
  • Drove a friend to the polls. Got stared at by someone with flyers the entire time while I was in the parking lot, even with the no campaigning rules.

  • Landlord torches New York home after tenants stop paying rent, become squatters
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated...

  • Ohio Number1SummerJam

    Ohio Election Result THUNDERDOME

    Post any information you have about the count here- we'll invent a drinking game while we're at it. RULES: NONE (As long as you act accordingly with the subreddit rules)

    The hardest workers get the smallest pay.
  • The majority of my bosses worked a lot more than me, to the point where I don't even know how they stayed awake. At my current job, the workplace is falling apart because the upper management refuses to work long hours like that while us lower staff deal with the aftermath. I love bashing on rich people, but a lot of them (semi-rich) worked hard to get where they are and in a way deserve it. You sound like a good boss- I wish more places understood that taking on more responsibility means more dedication and more hours instead of getting to boss people around.

  • The hardest workers get the smallest pay.
  • The wealthiest people that I know (definitely not billionaire range) work a lot more hours compared to me, but most of them consist of consulting, meetings, traveling, and virtual meetings while traveling- it seems like they’re constantly on the phone. They’re happy to interact with lower stature people to get a feel of how people generally feel about the times and politics. They’re also generous, but not too generous- they get anxious around really poor people. They fly A LOT too- if you’re flying a domestic flight between cities you’re probably sharing a cabin with a super rich person. Definitely not a billionaire with a private jet though.

  • Ohio purged 26,000 voters days before abortion referendum deadline

    Voting rights groups say move by Republican secretary of state lacked transparency and did not follow established practice

    Ohio purged 26,000 voters days before abortion referendum deadline
    Red Pill Number1SummerJam

    Red billed?

    0 Fall back: How daylight saving time can seriously affect your health

    Brunch dates and flag football games might be a little easier to get to this Sunday, when phones grace early-risers with an extra hour of rest before alarm clocks go off.

    Fall back: How daylight saving time can seriously affect your health

    Florida officials warn citizens that Booty Patrol vehicle is not Border Patrol vehicle Florida officials warn citizens that Booty Patrol vehicle is not Border Patrol vehicle | Boing Boing

    In DeSoto County, Florida, police are warning citizens that the white Chevy Silverado truck with “Booty Patrol” emblazoned on the side is not an official US Border Patrol vehicle. The t…

    Florida officials warn citizens that Booty Patrol vehicle is not Border Patrol vehicle | Boing Boing
    Bikini Bottom Twitter Number1SummerJam

    Grand Theft Bikini Bottom IV