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Perrion Winfrey is currently under investigation for chasing a girl with a gun out of a Cleveland hotel lobby.

2 different icons for the exact same function?!?
  • on the discord the devs said they are planning to address this already

  • Another screenshot LJ shared!
  • looking clean AF

  • Hilary Craig at the record store
  • massive titties. that’s what.

  • Name this band
  • A7X new album

  • Is there a way to see / edit the list of communities you’ve blocked on Memmy?
  • a feature request was submitted for this yesterday

  • Do not drink flavored beers from microbreweries unless they sell it all year long.
  • I agree. This LPT is complete bullshit. Does the OP live in the middle of nowhere, where local breweries are doing this to their customers?

  • Crash Fix Released on Both TestFlight and AppStore
  • great work, you all are working at a blistering pace

  • The Lemmy logo is really growing on me
  • what the hell is a snoo anyways?!

    proud to be a Lemming 🐭

  • Testing


    Feature Suggestions for Posts

    Hey, I’m new to Lemmy and Memmy but wanted to share some suggestions.

    1. Can you swap the top of the cards so the community is upper left and the submitter is upper right or even below the content?

    2. Can you add icons/colors for different types of users like mods and whatnot?

    3 Surprising Browns WR noted as "offseason standout"

    Marquise Goodwin has flown under the radar but can fly on the field