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In case you missed it: Bank info-stealing malware found in 90+ Android apps with 5.5M installs
  • Yes, important to keep in mind that software being open source doesn't automagically make it secure™.

    Still, I think it's important to stress that the benefits of open source outweigh the risks when it comes to security (imho).

  • i hate when this happens
  • Also Ctrl + w to delete one word backwards (which is what OP wants to do).

    Edit: Nvm I misread the post, deleting is not what OP wants to do. Still gonna keep this because Ctrl + w is easily the readline shortcut I use the most.

  • What working as an adult would be like according to your third grade writing teacher.
  • While I haven't ascended to fully cursive coding, I do actually enjoy Fantasque Sans for this very reason.

    It manages to kind of connect the letters in some ways that my eyes can better see single words as "tokens". After using it for a while, going back to a regular monospaced font looks like a speadsheet of unconnected letters.