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Somehow USB disks are still the easiest and most reliable way
  • One thing that really got me while working on computers and networking right as LAN networks became a thing in the late 90s and early 2K years was.... I'm connected to this switch, and so are they. Why do I need to burn a CD/use an external hard drive (later a flash drive), to move data?

    Took me a while to figure out SMB/cifs, and when I did .... Game changer. Since then I've also learned all I can about storage, networking and file sharing. Most of my USB drives sit on my desk and don't get touched. I couldn't tell you what's on most of them. I've picked up a few thinking that I'll use it, but the most useful thing I've done with flash drives is to move data between computers when upgrading other people's computers. For me, I just make sure everything is backed up/synced to my local NAS, wipe the system and reinstall without a care in the world.

  • Sure you are, buddy
  • I'm not from the US, nor can I vote there. Unfortunately, since I'm in Canada, I'm very very familiar with your voting system. My knowledge of it is basically on par with my own.

    I have lots of opinions on what you guys are doing and I'm desperately hoping that the majority of voters are voting the less crazy person into office.

    As it stands, I don't even want to visit the USA because there's so much going on.

  • Sure you are, buddy
  • Fun fact, I was driving through a major city in Southern Ontario recently, and on the outskirts there was a guy selling flags, there was a "fuck Trudeau" flag for sale.

    Up the road and around the corner, someone felt the need to hang that exact flag at the end of their driveway. It had obviously been there for a while since it was half missing and only read "fu tru" which I think is a more valid message. I had a chuckle.

    I've seen a lot more, but this was one of the most recent sightings, only a few weeks ago.

  • Wendy Carlos rule
  • Transvestite, I believe, is also a term applied to intersex persons as well, as far as I know.... At least historically.

    The condition of being intersex, as far as I'm aware, is a well known condition dating back really far.

    Those people truly have no gender (and/or they're both genders? IDK), so "trans" doesn't really apply to them IMO.

  • Political mindset evolution
  • I get what you're saying here and bluntly, those people are not scientists. If you neither want to go and earn the knowledge necessary to be an authority on the subject, nor listen to those that are, then maybe you should shut the fuck up.

    I'll be fair in saying that CO2 is not the only contributor to global climate change. The environment is a complex intermingling of a lot of different influences. With that said, this is something we know for a fact, at the very least, does not help. Alternatives exist for almost every case. Why stick with the "clearly not helping" method, than going with the "at least we're trying" alternative?

    Disclaimer, I haven't earned the title of expert in the subject, I just try to listen to those who have earned that title. I am not nearly as up to date on the subject as some others, so I invite someone to expand and/or correct any of my statements who knows the material better than me. Such is the scientific method. Lively discussion and debate culminating in studies and tests to determine who is wrong... (Spoiler, sometimes everyone is wrong)

    Regardless, IMO, anyone denying a change based on the stated reasons, is trying to serve their own interests. Whether that's enabling them to contribute to make poor decisions, or maybe they have something to gain by trying to block any progress away from fossil fuels. Maybe they own stock in a petrol company. Who knows?

    To me, it's just a bad faith argument.

  • Political mindset evolution
  • I remember when it was so cold out that my car overheated in the winter because all of the coolant (rated to below zero Fahrenheit), froze. Now, I'm damn near blasting the AC in winter because it's so damn warm.

    Come change is happening. IDK how much more proof people really need... The argument of winter still being cold isn't applicable anymore.

  • Checkmate, Atheists
  • Hilarious.

    Honestly, one candidate was just shot at, the other noped the hell out....

    I mean, C'mon. If this isn't a sign that Americans want change, I don't know what would be. This is the political equivalent of being given an eviction notice. Stick around and "there will be trouble" (in your best RoboCop voice).

  • Make it stop.
  • My main issue is that the default buttons start at 30%. I usually tip between 10-30% depending on service. With somewhere between 18-20% being standard.

    10% be like, you didn't really do a great job but I know they're not paying you enough

    15% is like, you did your job and didn't screw up in any major way, but there was nothing notable about the experience.

    Around 20% being more like, you did good, thanks!

    And 30% is basically for being a mind reader that can predict my every need before I have it. Things like coming by with refills before ours are empty (for things with free refills), getting condiments ready/at the table either before, or while my food arrives, etc. Along with all the "expected" kindnesses and whatnot.

    Unless my experience was genuinely negative, i pretty much always leave a tip.

    50% is nuts. 30% as a minimum raises a lot of concerns for me, like the person programming the payment system is somehow getting a cut.

  • -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
  • It's lady gaga.

    If you've followed her at all, even indirectly, this is NOT the weirdest thing she's done, and bluntly, the weirder stuff wasn't justified (to the public at least).

    I'm not trying to throw shade at Gaga at all. Lady, let your freak flag fly all day long. You don't need my permission to do it, but if you want it, you got it. Weird isn't bad, it's just weird.

    IMO, at this point, gaga doesn't need a reason to be weird.

  • Nvidia GPU partners reportedly cheap out on thermal paste, causing 100C hotspot temperatures — cheap paste allegedly degrades in a few months
  • This is something that simply, should not happen. This kind of mishap should have been weeded out during R&D.

    I won't say any more on it right now, and I definitely won't excuse the behaviour. I do, however, want to give advice to anyone affected.

    If you can RMA, then do it. If you just don't want to deal with all that, and you want it fixed, whether you're directly affected, or if you just have a hot/slow GPU, I strongly recommend redoing the thermal material. You don't have to go all out with fancy phase change material or anything (though, that is definitely an option if you want to spend the money on it), but repasting shouldn't be difficult.

    My recommendation is to do a small amount of research and try to find something that's not too expensive that is hopefully non-conductive, so any screw ups don't end your card. If you can get thermal pads that are the right size, you might as well replace those at the same time.

    Most of the time, getting the cooler off is simply a matter of taking off the backplate, unbolting the cooler from the GPU chip location (remove the tension bracket), then carefully pulling it apart, and disconnecting any fan cables/RGB as you go.

    Clean existing thermal compound off with tissue/paper towel, etc, then clean and polish the surfaces (both the GPU and the cooler side) using alcohol, generally isopropyl, and either a microfiber cloth or something else lint free. In a pinch, q-tips work. Both sides should be a near mirror finish when you're done, though, depending on the cooler, it may not have been machined to a near-mirror, so just clean it until your cleaning cloth/qtip comes away mostly or completely clean.

    Once cleaned, apply new compound, fix any thermal pads and reassemble (reverse of disassembly). Be very careful when reattaching the tension bracket to move in a criss-cross or "x" pattern, always go opposite of whatever one you just tightened, and tighten everything just a little as you criss-cross the plate to ensure equal pressure across the cooler. Everything else should be trivial in terms of order.

    Once everything is tightened and secure, reinstall the card and test.

  • We're disabled, Daniel
  • IMO, he's thinking that anyone with a disability is incapable of working, so they'll be out during the day getting things done while the rest of us are working 9-5.

    Obviously not the case, and people with disabilities who are eligible for a disabled placard, are normal people, many of whom have jobs.

  • Compost
  • With the disclaimer that I don't know anything about your field....

    IMO, if eating food that was nourished by dead humans was inherently unsafe, I believe we would have had significant issues well before now. I have no doubt that when agriculture was new, cemeteries and areas where people have died and left to decompose, would have been used to grow food and if it created any problems, I think we would have seen issues before now.

    Again, I'm not a farmer, mortician, scientist, or any other preceived or direct authority on the subject.

  • Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body
  • I think you and I remember that scene differently. The example "intelligent" couple put off having children to focus on career goals, when they finally decided to go for it and had fertility issues, they were significantly older than when the scene began.

    Loss of reproductive functions happens naturally with age, which is why humans have a so-called biological clock. That metaphorical bell rings when you're at your biological peak for creating offspring.

    The simpletons in the example, being driven more by biological needs and fleeting desires. So they had children without regard to whether they could afford to or with any planning or foresight.

    The intellectuals on the other hand were waiting for the right time, which, by the time that happened, fertility had dropped to the point where it wasn't going to happen.

    That's what I understood from it, but idk. I'm just some guy

  • Satisfactory 1.0 release date

    The 1.0 release date was officially announced as September 10th!

    Also something about a toilet.

    Mark your calendars!


    Workers are not valuable

    So, I just need to rant for a minute about what's just happened. It's made me feel fairly disposable as a worker. I work in I.T. support. I help people who can't operate technology with highly complicated issues. I am highly skilled, well trained and I have a diverse set of understanding for technical issues.

    Last year I took a new job. The old job was an MSP, or Managed Service Provider; if you don't know what that is; an MSP is the IT department for companies too small to have an IT department. That's the summary. The new company is both an MSP and an ISP as well as just about everything else you can imagine for IT.... hosting webpages, and all the associated nonsense, phones/VoIP, colocation (Datacenter stuff).... everything. Basically, when someone was signed onboard with this employer, we did it all.

    Starting out, everything seemed fairly normal, a bit more involved, since we do more than the last company, but nothing too crazy. The part that irked me, is that as MSP, we own a client, we do everything for them, including, but not limited to all their computer/server/network work (which I expected), but also their phones, internet service, hosting, email, etc. everything.... which is a bit more than I expected, but I was managing okay.

    In March/April, things changed in my personal life, where I was having to drive my SO to work (she doesn't have her license, and we don't live in a place where she can reliably get a taxi/bus/other transportation), the problem is that her work is 3-11, where I work 9-5, in another city. So I tried to work with my workplace but they wouldn't let go of working from the office, so I ended up on an insane schedule of commuting to the office (over an hour drive each way), then leaving the office at 1PM, to be home for 2PM, to get her to work for 3PM, then GOING BACK TO WORK. I wasn't able to keep up with my workload.... in addition, I'm driving her home at 11, getting home at midnight, then getting up at 5-6AM to get a shower and do it all over again. I couldn't sustain that for any reasonable length of time, and I burned out. My doctor issued a notice to my workplace that I am unable to continue working for the time being, they accepted it and I went on disability as of early may, until now.

    Currently, I feel much better, compared to when I was burning out in April, and I feel a lot better about going back. The SO has also been working on getting her license and her own car, so within a few months I won't have to even think about whether she can get to work or not, since she will have a car and her license to drive herself there. A week or two ago, I contacted my workplace to let them know I was ready to return. We had a few emails back and forth to resolve the matter of the doctors recommendation and disability diagnosis. Once all that was completed, I thought I was ready to go. Big nope.

    I got word yesterday that instead of bringing me back, they're laying me off.

    So not only did they have the callous attitude to force me to drive to the office and back several times a day to try to maintain a poor life scenario (I asked to WFH, which they absolutely could do, since they did it over COVID without significant issues).... but when I burned out as a result of their ridiculous demands, and took some time off, instead of welcoming me back and holding my position, they filled in the gap while I was out on disability, and laid me off when I was able to return.

    I feel so abandoned. I won't complain about "where's the loyalty" because there's never been a time in my career where "loyalty" has ever been something I've felt that my workplace ever gave me; and all evidence I've seen says that companies have zero loyalty to anyone. Maybe one day in the past that was true, but it's definitely not been true for the entirety of my working career; but here I am, a highly skilled individual, with specific skills that will absolutely help the company succeed, that they know I have, that they're just going to throw away... and for what?

    The excuse they gave me was financial downsizing, but it's a company of about 12-18 people, so it's not like my job was part of a larger dismissal of people, they've lost, laid off, or otherwise shed employees at a very slow rate. Some of my (now former) coworkers have said that several people who have voluntarily left their positions, have been replaced during my time away; but me? no. Apparently my knowledge isn't worth enough to them.

    I'm currently on the hunt for a new employer. IMO, these guys are fools to throw away everything I know. The only challenge I face right now is finding someone who will see my value. IT support jobs are usually underpaid in my local area, and too many companies are going return to office and I'm not easily able to find remote (WFH) type employment. The jobs are there, but it's hard to find one that's worth my time. The core issue IMO, with the low pay, is that it's a non-union position, but if I can find a union job, I'm all in.

    Wish me luck!


    Anbernic 35xx moving away from stock

    Looking for some advice here, I'm out to complete two things:

    1. restore saves from the games I played using the stock firmware to GarlicOS
    2. get two player/two controllers working for couch gaming over HDMI

    Specifics: I picked up a 16G microSD for the OS, and a 64G for ROMs, pulled the original (kinda garbage) SD and replaced it with the 16G that I loaded with GarlicOS. I copied the relevant roms that I loaded onto the original SD to the new set and moved the save files ( .sav) over to the saves folder in the relevant subfolder. Launching the game results in a blank save. I can't continue the save.

    For dual controller/two player, I haven't tested HDMI yet (on the list) I'm just trying to get controllers working at the moment; I have an Anker USB 3 hub. What works right now, is if I plug my Stadia controller in, it gets picked up, no problem. but my xbox controller will mess everything up. If I just do my OTG adapter to the stadia controller, it works, OTG to hub to stadia, no problem. If I either go OTG to the xbox controller, or OTG to hub to controller, it does not come up in GarlicOS. If I plug OTG to hub to both controller, neither shows up. I added waitForUSB (I also tried waitforUSB) file to the OS SD card, with no effect (the file still exists).

    With stock, I was able to use a controller (just the stadia controller), over USB OTG with HDMI, so I know that works, and it should still work. The Xbox Controller I'm using is almost brand new, it's an XBOX One controller, connected by a USB A to C cable, I picked up 10ft cables from Anker for the purpose. I'm fine with wired, but I also have a USB xbox wireless dongle for PC that I can't seem to find right now, and I'm wondering if that would do any better (and I would prefer this since it would be wireless).

    Does anyone have any hits or tricks or information related to this that I can use to push this along? is the new series of xbox controllers not compatible? do I need to change the drivers or something to make it work better? I'm new to retroArch, and GarlicOS, and the 35xx is my first dedicated retro handheld. I'm refreshingly not new to linux or SBC's, so I'm very comfortable with making changes and taking chances. All my saves are archived on that original SD card, and I have a backup on my laptop, so I'm not worried about losing saves or data at all. If the controllers are not viable, I'm sure I can find something that works and pick that up, maybe something from 8bitdo.

    Thanks in advance.


    techsupport and homenetworking

    Two subreddits I used to be very active in were for techsupport and networking/home networking. Anyone know if there's Lemmy communities for the same?

    Also, related, is there a way to list communities available from a specific instance? Like if I wanted to see all communities local to or something (that's not my local instance), can I do that? If so, how?

    I'm still getting used to the fediverse way of doing things, I love it here, I'm just having trouble getting myself up to speed relative to all that I was subscribed to on Reddit.



    offboard zwave

    Hello Lemmings.

    This is something I've been thinking about for a while; basically, I want to move my zwave node away from my main HomeAssistant system.

    I'll try to be brief; my current config is a single mini/micro system (Dell, I believe), Core i5, 8G RAM and an SSD, it's a ton of power for HA and massive overkill, I know. The problem is that the system is located in a remote room of the house, so the signal isn't exactly the best and I have some nodes that are linked through 2-3 other devices; I'd like to move the USB Z-stick to a more central location, and I don't think a USB extension is going to cut it. I have ethernet wire which is far more viable to get a connection across to the HA computer. I don't want to move the HA computer away from where it is, since there's backup power where it is; so my idea would be to use something like a Raspberry Pi (now that availability seems to be improving), connected by Ethernet using PoE (for power availability from the UPS). Provided I can get a Raspberry Pi, and all the related and required parts together, which should be fairly trivial; how would I connect the zwave dongle on the Raspberry Pi to the computer running homeassistant?

    I haven't considered this before due to the pi being so difficult to get since I put together the homeassistant system. Ideally, I would want several of these systems placed at key points around the house so that I wouldn't need any of the zwave nodes to relay communications, but that's future plans more than anything - I would need to source several zwave dongles and get them all on raspberry pi's and get them working together.... So going about it towards that end would be a bonus; but at least I want to do some research on it and figure out if I can even relocate the dongle at all first. Any infromation to that end is appreciated.

    I'm currently using ZWaveJS UI.

    homelab MystikIncarnate

    SBC for homelab CEPH cluster?

    Hello Lemmings! I've been thinking about testing CEPH in my homelab, but to do it right I kinda want to build a cluster of systems, preferrably using SBCs to handle a CEPH storage drive each. Specifically, a single SATA disk would be preferred.

    A while back I came across the ODROID HC1, which was perfect but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger at the time; the only thing I'd want above and beyond what the HC1 was capable of, is PoE to simplify power delivery. Unfortunately the HC1 is discontinued (and rather dated at this point), and I have yet to come across anything remotely similar. There are other boards along the same lines, like the HC4 from odroid, and others (often involving adding a SATA HAT to the SBC), but I'm not keen on that.

    Essentially, I just want one drive per SBC, and build them into external drive-like enclosures with a single HDD each (3.5" is most likely), and just have a fleet of them. The idea would be to have a pair of "gateway" systems that are more robust, that can pull from the CEPH and portray that data as CIFS or NFS or iSCSI or whatever. Each SBC wouldn't need to be more than 1Gbps linked, but the gateway systems would likely be 10G linked off the same switch to take advantage of the bandwidth of the cluster.

    Does anyone know of an SBC that's newer and similar in design to the HC1? Something newer/faster would be important, and something with PoE to power itself and the drive would be a nice-to-have (otherwise I'll rig up a high amperage DC rail for all the nodes so I can use a single "PSU" thing for it. If someone knows a better community to place this question, let me know.... still getting used to lemmy.