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What's your favourite harmless prank you've seen IRL?
  • I hide gold coins (but any kind of fun token will do). Who doesn’t like a finding a gold coin?

    It started when I used to do leprechaun cosplay. When you do that, you inevitably will get asked where your gold is hidden, so I got a bunch of cheap plastic coins to hand out when I got “caught”, or to “drop” if chased. For the heck of it I started slipping them in my friends’ bags and costumes while they were out.

    Eventually this lead to hiding them in peoples homes when I visit, and reverse pickpocketing friends: pockets, purses, hoods in winter so they will fall out when they flip them up to go outside, behind wall art, inside a skein of yarn someone is knitting from…

    I think my biggest get was slipping one into a theater director’s shirt pocket while they were talking to someone else. And the biggest surprise might have been one I put in an attic ladder hatch so that it fell out when they went to go up there months later.

  • Sigil pronunciation
  • Capitalized “Sigil” (sig-əl) in this context is a made up place-name from D&D lore. It is a homograph to the actual English word “sigil” (sij-əl) They are pronounced differently for the same reason I can name my storm barbarian “Barnacles” (rhymes with “Hercules”).

  • Biden says 'everybody must condemn' attack on Trump, hopes to speak with ex-president soon
  • We can condemn it and still laugh our asses off at the irony of that a convicted felon who advocates for the proliferation of firearm usage and told school shooting victims to “get over it” just got shot at and is going to whine and bitch about it for the rest of his conscious existence.

  • Donald Trump Suffers Triple Polling Blow in Battleground States
  • in Georgia, he has increased his share of the vote by 0.9 percent since the debate, though the Republican Party is still ahead by 3.5 percent.

    In Michigan, he has increased his vote share by 0.8 percent making him ahead of Trump by 0.4 percent, and in North Carolina he has also increased his vote share by 0.8 percent, though the Republicans are still ahead by 4 percent.

    It feels like the difference is within the margin of error, but I have no clue since they didn’t cite the new poll or the old poll they are comparing it to.

  • Future Newspapers (1913)
  • Right! I think the only thing they missed is airplanes just not being necessary for delivery (unless you count in-flight wi-fi). And the grammaphone was just leapfrogged; the first news radio broadcast was only 7 years after this cartoon