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The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law
  • The challenge, demand satisfaction
    If they apologize, no need for further action

  • xkcd #2941: Cell Organelles
  • Antivirus is not enough! Use Protegent!

  • Bought a Bang & Olufsen MX 6000 for 65€ and hooked up my mini laptop to it

    I‘ve set the resolution on Windows to 1280x960 for the TV (4x the 320x240p resolution).

    I wonder whether i should try a different resolution. Or whether Project 64 needs some adjustments.

  • Bought a Bang & Olufsen MX 6000 for 65€ and hooked up my mini laptop to it


    Babe wake up, NCD's Pride flag just dropped
  • Is there a line representing the tunnel system the Hamas uses?

  • Danke für nichts, ZDF
  • Du bist im Rat von Europarat, aber wir gewähren dir nicht den Rang „Europaratler“.

  • xkcd #2933: Elementary Physics Paths
  • We would do that of you didn‘t keep stringing me along!

  • Never normal
  • But what face should OP pick? I guess there‘s only one way to find out! (prepares double slit experiment)

  • ich🕙iel
  • Quelle: Der eine Facharzt, bei dem du einen Termin brauchst.

  • Stay on the designated path
  • Never knew Madame Vastra had OnlyFans

  • Bottoms up!
  • Daj boze!

  • Old XKCD, still relevant
  • Remember: Just tell tar to Xtract Z File.

  • Ripperonis
  • (frame shift drive charging)

  • Tasty
  • (snaps gummigoo out of existence)

  • Warum Wissing Fahrverbote ins Spiel bringt
  • 🎶 ICH WILL 🎶
    🎶 Ich will dass hier nix passiert 🎶
    🎶 ICH WILL 🎶
    🎶 Ich will dass ihr Abgas reduziert 🎶

  • How is the hydrogen made?
  • Didn‘t we have a process to electrically synthesize hydrogen out of water?

  • realistic community chest card
  • I prefer the 32 bit signed integer underflow in my favor.

  • Probably shouldn't be talking to The rapist
  • Me: 🎶 Welcome home! I‘m gonna make you wish that you‘d stayed gone! 🎶

  • Weed
  • You don‘t get it. Moses just beat the enemies with the stone tables to really hammer in the rules. It‘s not his fault the people are dying of the injuries.

  • Life? What do you mean? This ain't life, it's surviving
  • I‘ll make my own meaning of life. With blackjack and hookers. You know what? Forget the hookers!

  • ich🚗iel




    where are my fellow tankies?




    This Bishop is dangerously close to Queen. Can someone help me?


    Are long-running telenovela / soap drama shows getting more dramatic over time?

    Hello lemmings,

    I am not exactly a fan of soap dramas, however through regular visits at my moms place i end up watching these shows (specifically the german shows "Alles was zählt" and "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten").

    Until this year, the drama was worth it because Doctor Who aired inmediately after and i think Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Clara Oswalt etc. are much more entertaining.

    Over time i've noticed that the plots have become much more dramatic. Schemes have become much more schemey, crimes have been commited and became more crimey and the drama has become seemingly constantly more dramatic.

    Now my question is: Am i mistaken with my impression? Is there a name for this drama creep? Does this also happen to other long-running soap dramas where you live?


    About the Bambu Labs incident




    Fun idea: Ask me a question, let me answer the question and then edit your question to make me look like Britanny!



    PSA for people trying out Wine/Proton for the first time



    Alt-Text: Schwarz-weißes Bild von Cillian Murphy in seiner Rolle als J. Robert Oppenheimer, Vater der Atombombe,* im Film Oppenheimer.

    Oberer Text: Ich bin bekommen Actimel. Unter Text: Zerstörer von Viren.




    c/daria - The new place to talk about our favorite show from the 90's

    You can find us on [email protected] (



    Links und rechts im Bild ist jeweils ein Hund.

    Der linke Hund wurde bearbeitet um wie ein Bodybuilder auszusehen. Unter dem Hund steht "Winzigweich Fenster Brandmauer". Über dem Hund steht "Hier kommt keiner durch!"

    Der rechte Hund ist unbearbeitet und sieht schwächer aus als der linke Hund. Unter dem Hund steht "CDU/CSU Brandmauer" und über dem Hund steht klein geschrieben "Wir können doch mit der AfD auf kommunaler Ebene zusammen arbeiten, oder?"


    Xbox 360 DVD drive not working

    Hello people,

    i have recently purchased an Xbox 360 and it turned out that the drive didn't work at all. Initially i was facing the issue that the tray didn't come out at all. I managed to fix that by cleaning the drive belt.

    But now i found out that the drive doesn't read any disc whatsoever.

    When i insert a disc, the disc makes some grindy noise, followed by the motor spinning up and turning off again. This pattern repeats 2 more times before the Xbox gives up.

    I cleaned the laser lens and performed the pot tweak (i went down to 3 kilo ohms resistance) and so far these measures didn't help.

    What i didn't do so far was messing with the puck on the top of the lid (it's still on there so i think i don't need to fix it) and adjusting the laser rails (frankly i don't know how to level it properly).

    How can i proceed further to fix this drive?


    Don't do glitter berries, kids!




    Kennt ihr schon ARD Plus?


    What is stressing out Jake Morgendorffer so much? Wrong answers only!