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Seriously, where do I go?
  • Speaking of Virginia, stay in the north half. Down here in the southern part is maga fucks as far as the eye can see.

    One down the road just put up a huge Confederate flag and two large trump flags. Instead of fixing their collapsing roof. Priorities I guess...

  • Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • He can object because he's decided that's what is right. Literally nothing else matters.

    The piece of shit that used to own my company is like this. His decision is correct and gospel, and if you don't agree or if it's provably false you are wrong. And it's your fault you are wrong, because he has decided it to be correct.

  • Bipolar Community Check-In Mar 31-Apr 6: How Are You Doing?
  • I appreciate you asking. No better today, still screaming at myself as I watch myself making this stupid choice.

    Taking them out of the bottle, laying them out just like I always do, but when it's time to take.. Straight to the trash. Burying my shame under other things so my partner doesn't see. I know she would be equal parts disappointed and upset with me.

  • Bipolar Community Check-In Mar 31-Apr 6: How Are You Doing?
  • Not great. Bipolar type 2, and today decided I don't need lithium anymore. I know this is a mistake, but like so many other mistakes I make repeatedly, I feel like a passenger watching my meat robot actively working against my best interests.

    Hopefully tomorrow reason will prevail.

  • Michigan governor says not voting for Biden over Gaza war ‘supports second Trump term’
  • I feel like this is just another division tactic to split the vote to favor Republicans.

    I have friends who were rabidly for Democrats and their agenda for decades, decrying single issue conservative voters, now acting the same way toward Biden over Gaza as if he single handedly orchestrated this and didn't inherit years of foreign policy.

    I fucking hate what's happening there and don't want to support it in any way, but my vote doesn't change what's already established and the alternative is so much worse.

    I keep asking for a viable alternative and all I get is vote third party or stay home which solves exactly nothing.


    This is the style windows I have, vertically sliding with releases on the top of the bottom slider to tilt it in, and the top sliding pane can do the same. I can't speak to any particular model or manufacturer, just know the house I'm in came with them and they are convenient.

  • Drugmakers hiking prices for more than 700 medications, including Ozempic and Mounjaro
  • It's a good idea, I'm going to look into it. I've been taking ketamine a while for depression, along with the occasional psilocybin dose and those together have changed my life.

    I have no qualms about trying something a little out there.

    Thank you!