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Way to go, guys!
  • Recognizing Jerusalem didn’t kill 25,000 Palestinians

    Didn't it?

    No, people firing rockets and bullets killed 25,000 people. This is the real world where real things impact real lives, and Biden shipping billions of dollars worth of weapons enables them to continue killing, not names or lines on a map.

    This shit has been going on for decades. It’s foolish to treat the recent events as an isolated incident

    Definitely agree with you there, I think it's important for all of us to be educated about the history of American support for this cycle of abuse. I don't plan to vote for any person who continues to support the killing of innocent people suffering under an apartheid regime.

  • Sleeping position
  • Whenever my stomach hurts i'll remember some recommendation that you're supposed to sleep on your left or right side.

    But I never remember which so I just rotate back and forth

  • Way to go, guys!
  • Don't worry I won't be voting for Trump. My take on trump supporter base is they're typically older lazy boomers who want to yell at their TVs as trump "owns the libs." Look at january 6th his base literally had to be invited inside to invade the capital and they just stood around gawking lol. Utterly inept.

    Recognizing Jerusalem didn't kill 25,000 Palestinians, but Biden has given unconditional support to civilian bombing in the middle east.

    Neither candidate has done anything to convince me to vote for them. The sooner we all figure out voting isn't going to fix things, the better.

  • Way to go, guys!
  • Do I vote for Biden and throw the switch so fewer people die

    I can't stand Trump but the past 4 years have not convinced me this is the case. Under Biden the US is actively bombing civilians, supporting apartheid, disrupting global trade, and still imprisoning human beings at the mexican border.

    Trump was ineffectual and isolationist - he could be the actual harm reduction choice through sheer incompetence.

  • Sci-fantasy roguelike Caves Of Qud is getting a full release in 2024, after 15 years of development
  • I was looking for something like dwarf fortress adventure mode or cataclysm dark days ahead and this is as close as I could find.

    Sacrifices a lot of the smaller details of CDDA by being easier to play (not a bad trade off necessarily). You'll still die a million times in Qud though.

  • What self-professed 'centrists' sound like
  • Use emojis dude they add a ton of nuance!

    So much for the tolerant left 🥺 😧 😠

    So many ways to express yourself! And if you're ever brought to court for a statement you make, /s lawfully means you meant the opposite, while emojis never snitch 😉

    I'm not a lawyer

  • Mitch McConnell escorted away from cameras after freezing during a news conference
  • I hear you, but I think there is still value in voting D, if only to make the Overton window shift slower.

    If the election is close or contested, Dems can pretend their hands are tied and let Rs enact their facist bs. If Dems own the house, they'll need to do something or come up with some other bullshit excuse not to enact more left leaning policies. In an ideal world there'd be real consequences to them if they meandered like they usually do.

    It's not great though, happy to hear your perspective.

  • Abortions surge in Colorado amid 500% increase in patients from Texas
  • I enjoyed reading your replies to this dolt. I think they try to exhaust you by muddying the water but all he's done is make his position look utterly stupid and exhausting.

    I think his goal is to make people afraid to engage and silence others from posting? Or maybe it's simply to waste your time. Either way, I appreciate your attempt at engaging this bad faith "I'm on your side no really" actor.

  • Any recommendations for Yelp alternatives?

    Since Yelp lets businesses pay to revise reviews and advertise for top results, I was wondering if there were any good open source/non-monetized review sites or apps that people have tried out? I usually compare to google reviews and read some of the top reviews to try and filter out the junk, but I know I'm still getting weighted star ratings and promoted content.

    A quick search revealed but I didn't see a ton of content.

    It'd also be great to find an alternative to the shitshow that is amazon product reviews. It would be great to find non-manipulated user opinions. Obviously every review system is going to have bad actors but it's nice when the site itself isn't the one in charge and there's some transparency.

    Any recommendations or ideas for how to find feedback on stuff to buy?


    Parking laws are a big driver of why everybody drives cars in America

    I really enjoy the ClimateTown youtube channel. I had never considered that parking laws could be behind why my city looks like such a dystopian concrete jungle.

    They also provide some instructions for how to contact your local council reps to voice your concerns -

    I don't think I'm as active in politics as I should be but we all have to start somewhere. I'm sharing here and hope some of you also try reaching out to your local reps. You can even complain about more than just parking laws!