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hey, why is there a coffin on the thumbnail?
  • There was a contest for project submissions to be chosen as the sublemmy photo that took place in October. Hence the coffin. I reckon it was supposed to be a semi regular contest but ya know... Life.

    You could make a post calling for a new contest, I think that would be cool. I was meaning to participate in the next one anyway.

  • Looking for plans to make a custom king sized bed
  • I'd recommend learning SketchUp or TinkerCad or something similar to make your own plans because part of the beauty of making your own furniture is it can be exactly the way you want it to be. However, that kind of software can be intimidating if you've never had exposure to it.

    So, the next best thing I would recommend would be to find a video on YouTube of someone building a bed, these makers sometimes have links to the plans they used to build it. There are a lot of bed builds on YouTube and they might even give you some ideas you'd like to incorporate into your own design.

  • I tabled again
  • Fantastic photos, you have a very hands-on (paws-on?) foreman lol. Thank you for the detailed description. I've seen a similar method on a Bourbon Moth video except I think he used his domino to make slots instead of cutting a groove, but I guess if I payed that much for a funky router I'd use it all the time too.

  • Weekly what have you been playing discussion - week of April 1st, 2024
  • Nah the new games do a good job of letting you know what's going on. Plus it is a totally different pantheon of Gods/ story arc. I played the OGs as a kid and didn't revisit them at all before playing the new ones and loved them.

  • Weekly what have you been playing discussion - week of April 1st, 2024
  • The new games do not play like the old ones. If you aren't enjoying the god of war collection I would still very much recommend playing the new ones. Both of the new games have amazing stories, interesting puzzles, and great gameplay.

  • How Would You Handle Students Cheating?
  • Of course they cheated on a take home exam. If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.

    Proctor your exams if you don't want them to be able to utilize any of the resources at their disposal. Making them do it again in front of you sounds like bullshit imo, but I am certainly not an academic.

  • Issue with print speed slowing to a crawl for no clear reason.

    Obligatory "I got a 3d printer for Christmas" and I'm absolutely loving it, fell down the rabbit hole head first. However I'm currently dealing with an issue where my Neptune 4 Pro is slowing down to 7 mm/s when it is printing the outer walls despite being setup in Cura to print at 25mm/s. Filament is Overture PETG. Pictures show the Neptune touchscreen with the 7mm/s speed shown in the bottom left and a screengrab of the speed settings from Cura. Any help is greatly appreciated!




    New jig, who dis?

    My second time building Michael Alm's Picture Frame Jig. The old one had quite a few issues. Primarily that I used a piece of pine for the runner that started out loose and has progressed to sloppy and almost ruined my last frame with gappy miters. Used maple this time and probably got to snug of a fit to be honest, but I also added a countersunk screw and washer to prevent the sled from tipping when it's pulled back. Tested it out making a test frame from some leftover frame stock, oak sandwiching padauk.


    A clock I made for my wife for our 5th wedding anniversary. Its only the wood anniversary so no pressure, right?

    Full disclosure: I didn't make the clock hands, I just bought them off Amazon.

    The Majority of the wood used is old (oak?) barn wood taken from the barn that we were married in front of on my family's farm. You can even see an old nail hole next to a hash mark between the 4 and the 5. Used primarily silver "shimmer" vinyl for the clock face which looks great in person but is an absolute nightmare to photograph. I've included a different, if not better, photo as well that shows that part more clearly.


    I followed this Fisher's Shop video to learn how to get my weave on.

    Update: I painted the hands silver and I think it looks much better.



    My first time ever making cutting boards and matching shark coochie boards.

    Made these following the Fisher's Shop woven cutting board video.

    Woods used:

    (Board 1 on left) Walnut, Maple, Canary wood, Padauk, Cherry

    (Board 2 on right) Canary wood, Maple, Walnut


    A "Fancy" Rabbit House

    Made from one 2'x4' sheet of 1/4 inch Birch Ply and two eight foot sticks of cedar trim. House measures 11.5 inches wide by 24" long. Commissioned for Mia by her owner.


    By far the largest thing I've ever built. A new shade pergola for the playground at the local church/daycare.

    10 foot by 12 foot pergola with a 90% uv blocking shade cloth stapled over top of the runners to keep the kiddos cool. Again this is the biggest thing I've built to date and it absolutely kicked my ass, but every single nut and screw in this damn thing was turned by these very sore hands.


    You guys ever rig up a jig that looks kind of sketchy? Needed to make some pretty wide stopped dados while my router table is already set up for a different project and... this... was the result.

    I'm pretty sure this configuration is safe and it never felt as squirrelly as it looks. The only issue I ran into was occasionally the workpiece would push the throat plate down and snag on the lip of the table preventing me from pulling back out of the cut. Which forced me to stop the saw a few times.

    I'm a freak about safety so if anyone thinks any part of this is unsafe I'd love to start a dialog about it. I feel like I can always strive to be safer in the shop!

    Or possibly just share some of your own frankenjigs.


    The nerdy version of "Live.Laugh. Love." I made for my wife out of scrap 1x4s. This is the chemical structure of Oxytocin.

    I started this project in August 2020 and after a few weeks when I was just about finished assembling the pieces it fell off my work bench and broke into dozens of fragments that I then threw into the corner of my shop out of frustration. There it sat quietly judging me and haunting me for almost 3 years until I got tired of it being in my way and finally finished it to put it out of my misery.

    So this post is for everyone with an unfinished project lurking in the corners of their shop collecting dust. You can do it!