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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree faces ‘mixed’ Steam rating as players share issues
  • Yep. Most reviews I saw were complaining about the difficulty and while I get that to a degree, the game gives you so many tools. I felt like DS3 and 2's DLCs had a much steeper difficulty curve. The ones complaining about performance felt justified though. I'm still getting dropped frames and stutters on a 4090...

    Also saw a review complaining that it's overpriced because it can be finished in 4 hours. I think they missed a zero there...

  • Anon wants to ride a zeppelin
  • There was a Wendigo video about how it could be used as a way of transporting goods as cargo since it isn't too time sensitive and it could be quite cheap compared to trucks and ships because of fuel iirc. Also for tourism since they can land vertically

  • Stellar blade not make PP hard anymore :'(

    From Windows to about 6 recommended distros for gaming.
  • I got Helldivers to work by making it open in windowed mode rather than full screen, then making it full screen once it opened. Seems to be a common issue with it. someone on protonDB mentioned it iirc.