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Tea Time
  • For liquid fertilizer, but seems silly when you can get the same results but just throwing the compost in the water and stirring it around, letting the solids sink to the bottom.

  • progress rule
  • As a fellow bi man I feel like the progress in just the past 10 years has been huge, and one of the biggest changes has been how much more accepting other queer people have become.

  • Does this look like graft?
  • Almost all commercially sold citrus is grafted. Citrus is generally not true to seed, so a known good fruit branch will usually be grafted onto a seed grown citrus species that is specifically grown to be grafted onto. This not only ensures that the fruit is produced as advertised, but also helps the plant reach fruit production more quickly.

    Disclaimer: I'm just some guy with a few fruit trees, definitely not an expert.

  • Spotify is going to break every Car Thing gadget it ever sold
  • I downvoted the comment above because in the original comment they already mentioned that they are no longer subscribed to Spotify, which makes the "stop being a customer" comment exceedingly stupid and pointless.

  • indieheads - For fans of indie and alternative music. MagicPterodactyl

    r/indieheads has gone private