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Stable diffusion on Arch Linux with a 7900 XTX?
  • an option is to use docker pytorch/rocm, which works pretty much out of the box with a1111


  • Exclusive: ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say
  • nice but poor try, wumao.

    If an American citizen wants to use a Chinese platform, why don’t they have the right to?

    If a Chinese citizen wants to use an American platform, why don’t they have the right to?

  • Windows 10 will start pushing users to use Microsoft accounts. How to turn it off.
  • I had switched to Linux the moment they introduced Win10 and telemetry back when, with great success. Dual booted for a long time for gaming but even that is no longer needed now since a few years ago. built my first amd only rig in 2019 which was a game changer.

  • VMWare black screen after installing all updates with Fedora Linux
  • VMware went to the shitter, try with virtualbox

  • What's your favorite terminal?
  • konsole with tmux

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • use your backup to recover them

  • PSA: You can't delete photos uploaded to Lemmy. So don't (accidentally) upload a nude
  • whats the intent of a delete token in this context, why is it needed. it looks like bad design to me

  • Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome
  • I'm totally unable to switch from chrome, the chrome icon is really the only one that works, all others are just too hard to see

  • Why aren't more people using NixPKGs?
  • yeah, everybody should use them. I usually write my own kernel mods tailored for my hardware and certain needs, I don't know why not everyone is doing that. admittedly is a bit janky maintaining a separate kernel fork, but you get used to it, everyone should do it

  • Russia arrests German for carrying cannabis gummy bears
  • tourism to a country waging war, what could go wrong

  • Skiff sold to Notion. All services will be sunset in 6 months
  • the best corporate double speak.

    "we are excited skiff will be joining notion ... and will be shutting down the skiff suite in 6 months"

  • Critical vulnerability affecting most Linux distros allows for bootkits
  • clickbait title. basically, if your machine is already compromised in a severe way, here is another way how to compromise it further (for whatever reason)