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  • NSFL (Not Safe For Life) typically means stuff like gruesome injuries, blood and gore, or possibly fatalities

    Which is different from NSFW, because sometimes you want to hear a dirty joke, bit you could do without seeing the aftermath of a Meat Crayon

  • please
  • I haven't used Windows in a few years (and never used OneDrive), so pinch of salt time, but...

    I don't like the idea of M$ having direct access to all of my files and personal data

    That and, there have been mishaps with OD deleting files

    Also, i personally don't like software automagic, especially when i don't understand what is going on under the hood

    Is OD just a folder? Where are my documents actually stored? What happens if my internet goes out? How much do i trust M$ to not bungle something or sell or leak my files?

  • I'm helping I promise!
  • Be calm, gentle, but firm. No build up, no "I'm sorry kitty, don't be mad" and try not to be tense. Just do it. (If you're tense, they're tense)

    Use a treat or food to distract the cat, and hold them firmly (preferably, have a second pair of hands, but I manage just fine on my own)

    Proceed with the processes, even if the cat complains, or gets a little feisty (back off if they're ballistic). Let them know (with your body language) that you're not stopping because they're unhappy

    Also, make sure they have a good footing. Cats get uneasy if they don't have their feet on something, or if the ground is slippery (like a bathtub)

    Put a towel in the bottom of the tub to give them better footing (not the best solution, but it works)

  • I'm helping I promise!
  • Try one of these:

    Cats really only like to scratch on tall and sturdy things like trees or heavy couches

    If their post isn't tall enough, they can't get a good stretch out of it

    If the post tips over easily, they just won't want to use it (you can also use a heavy weight to keep the base steady, but I find that solution rather cumbersome )

  • In celebration of Independence Day
  • IIRC, it was actually Webster, who was writing the dictionary, decided to simplify spelling

    A large amount of spelling differences between the US and UK like mould/mold and center/center, are due to him

  • I'm helping I promise!
  • "Don't feed the trolls" is a Golden rule of the internet, However, providing well sourced and constructed counter arguments can be good for anyone else following the chain

    So they don't hear only the crazies talking

  • I'm helping I promise!
  • The trimming in the pic is perfect. You can clearly see the quick (the opaque bit of the nail (in the shape of a triangle), before the nail starts curling) is about 1 or 2 mm away from the edge

    If the quick was cut, there'd be blood, and a very pissed cat

    I've got tons of cat scratchers, the ones that are very tall, so the cat can get a full stretch, and have a wide base, so they don't fall over

    And 2 of my 3 cats still need nail trimmings about every 3-4 weeks. Otherwise their nails get stuck on things, or they claw me to death by accident since their nails are so long, they don't fully retract

    My dog's nails, I have the vet handle, because I cannot trim black nails without hitting the quick

    Edit: here's a link to the scratching post I use and recommend