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Am I completely off base to expect my partner to be transparent about her inheritance?
  • Why are you chastising people for asking for relationship advice in a community named “relationship advice”?

  • This is where gift cards are at

    Pets Sunday - how are they doing?
  • They wanna go for a walk but it’s too damn and hot and we’re not even out of bed yet

  • Texas man who makes TikTok relationship content accused of shooting girlfriend in face

    What's something you did or acquired that made your life way easier?
  • Some people surely do like it. I personally can’t stand it. I’d rather do dishes or laundry

  • Beryl weakens to tropical storm after sweeping into Texas as Cat 1 hurricane
  • I keep seeing this. Did he really go to Cancun again??

  • Sound off, how is everyone doing through the storm?
  • South of DFW got hit with some pretty bad winds last night. Multiple people without power.

    Obviously nothing as bad as what Houston is dealing with right now 🙏

  • [Bi-monthly thread] What have you been watching? 6 July 2024
  • One of my favs. Christian Bale is outstanding as well as the rest of the cast. I really think they did pretty well adapting the novel

  • [Bi-monthly thread] What have you been watching? 6 July 2024
  • I finally watched In Bruges - which I’ve been meaning to see for years. Great flick and lived up to the hype!

  • What's something you did or acquired that made your life way easier?
  • TRUTH. It still gets you off your ass to make sure the floor is tidy and ready and puts me in the mood to do other general cleaning.

  • What's something you did or acquired that made your life way easier?
  • My roomba changed my life. Having one of those is essential now with 2 dogs.

  • Man suffers mental breakdown after taking a wrong turn
  • I know I was being cheeky with the title lol

  • Public Freakout Lifecoach5000

    Man suffers mental breakdown after taking a wrong turn

    Dallas could become largest Texas city to decriminalize marijuana
  • Looks like the real argument is 2 oz vs 4 oz. Good progress either way!

  • The 50 Most Disappointing Movie Sequels of All Time
  • Ummm can we at least get a spoiler warning Margot?

  • Have you ever had a phone call interrupted by a 3rd party voice saying "this call is being recorded"?

    This just happened to me and I am a little shook. Very weird. I was talking to my friend in NYC and randomly this voice came on the line saying “this call is being recorded”

    He heard it as well. We both have iPhones and were just talking over the PSTN. Wtf

    USA Today: Biden has no business running for president. The debate proved it.
  • I did not think Trump could win in 2016. I actually agree with all your points. I’m just a little baffled myself from this nonsense.

  • Just a little "toasty"

    Is Nicole Shanahan Flirting With QAnon and Christian Nationalism?
  • What a weirdass timeline. I really don’t even know what to make of RFK Jr’s platform at all. Seems like a melting pot of nonsense.

  • What secret conspiracy would you like to actually start letting other people know?
  • Never heard this one before. That was a wild ride!

  • Public Freakout Lifecoach5000

    Who was in the wrong here?

    Probably technically the shop keeper but camera dude seems like douchebag


    Do you still have a pay phone in your city or town?

    Or for your youngsters - have you ever seen a working pay phone at all?

    Just a random question I’m curious about.


    Woman caught living on a grocery store roof for a year

    Really trippy vid! Long live the roof ninja!


    Who is still without power?

    This guy right here 🙋. I believe I am about to hit the 43 hour mark.

    Public Freakout Lifecoach5000


    The ending tho 🤣


    Dallas Diocese priest arrested for indecency with a child

    Ricardo Reyes Mata, 34, was arrested Monday by Garland police and charged with two felony counts. He was ordained in 2022.


    Guess the ELO

    Tap for spoiler

    I got reported for “sandbagging”. I had no idea what it was and hand to look it up.


    A sign of late stage capitalism?


    My shoe is old and wise

    Microblog Memes Lifecoach5000

    Sit back and relax. Let it all hang out.

    Microblog Memes Lifecoach5000

    Honing the craft of comedy without those pesky distractions


    What is your favorite Stanley Kubrick film?

    Trying to go through his whole catalog. Just curious what is your favorite?


    Naps are restful and enjoyable

    It’s kinda weird I know, but I personally like them.


    W I N G S

    Public Freakout Lifecoach5000

    Drunk, Rambling Cowboy Arrested at DFW Airport