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In Major Order, Appeals Court Blocks Student Loan Forgiveness And Lower Payments For 8 Million Borrowers
  • Almost all the quality of life in the US is at the expense of the real global poor. Even our american minimum wage workers going into debt, living paycheck to paycheck actually live a life of privilege compared to billions despite the perceived suffering.

  • Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • Okay, but what about all the games that have come out since steam has launched and ONLY have online-only drm options?

    Not talking about MMOs because those are their own beast. I'm talking about a huge amount of games though excluding mmos.

    I don't mind digital distribution DRM platforms, I just want a choice. I want licenses to be portable and I want to be able to re-sell licenses for games I do not wish to own any longer. I don't want to be bound to just console games either.

  • Bad news: Playstation is starting to block their games from running on Proton. Playstation Overlay is blocked on Linux in Ghost of Tsushima. The same thing happened with the Concord beta.
  • I doubt this will ever completely happen. I think Microsoft would turn windows into a full blown console with forced DRM for all games and software with perfect license tracking before sony, microsoft's xbox division and nintendo bowed out.

    The only great thing is that indies can be successful without being under a major publisher. Steam kind of has a stranglehold though for no good reason other than the fact they were the first and thus the most popular one. I still remember losing out on sharing half life cd keys with my buddies. Only one could be used at a time online but few of us were online all the time, this was still in the tail end of the dialup era.

  • Biden to call for 5% cap on annual rent increases, as he tries to show plans to tame inflation
  • So let's say your mortgage is 1k/mo. We're not talking PITI, just mortgage.

    Let's pretend the house is worth $30,000 and the landlord has $7200 in equity at the beginning of the lease (20%.)

    Let's also say of that mortgage 700 is interest and 300 is principal. So a renter pays you 1k/mo rent for 12 months. They get 300/mo principal totaling $3,600 after a year.

    At this point there are a few different ways of handling it.

    Option 1: The tenant is buying debt from the bank with the principal payments over the course of the year. So $3600 of the debt they now own, when you pay the bank the payments go proportionally to the tenant which actively reduces their equity, but they collect all the interest income for the share they own.

    Option 2: You could have shares of the home. As money is paid in against principal the tenant gains share of the overall home - so in this case a bit over 10% over the course of the term. Since this is shares as the valuation of the home increases so do the share prices and the typical compound interest applies. This can be very messy because when you want to cash out the principal owner either need to buy you out by taking another mortgage or paying you, but it could be done.

    When you factor in things like the appreciation of the home the first option gives the appreciation to the landlord without reducing their mortgage. They would gain in net worth because the home is worth more money, even though they still have a mortgage that hasn't decreased in price.

    The second option takes the equity gain away from the landlord proportional to shares owned. Although harder to track it's still possible.

    This is ignoring the real world scenario where the mortgage is really only $500/mo for a lot of long time landlords who bought 20+ years ago or refinanced in 2020 and the rent is $2000-3000+++ There would have to be something that takes into account excess paid beyond the mortgage/taxes. This also doesn't make any sense at all if the house is paid off either since there would be only taxes, no mortgage. Obviously there would need to be some nuance in implementing a solution but it's not impossible.

  • Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • I think people often hate steam for their success

    I hate them for forcing me to use a kind of DRM which will stop working once their servers stop.

    Halflife was just fine without steam. Adding steam seemed to be a way to stop players from sharing CD keys.

  • Biden to call for 5% cap on annual rent increases, as he tries to show plans to tame inflation
  • If you think landlords are bad you should see how much the bank makes.

    My 500k 7.5% mortgage if I only paid the mandatory payment would end up costing me something like 1.6 million dollars. My PITI is something like 4k/mo and only like $500 is principal.


    Why would someone buy a house so someone else could slowly buy it from them?

    Imagine if you can't make your mortgage payment on a home that you will not be living in due to whatever personal reasons you have, so you want to pause payments. Instead of selling the home you choose to rent it out.... barely losing equity thanks to the kind renters who take on the interest and tax payments for you so you don't have to pay.

    The renters are not getting a worse deal than buying and they get the benefit of having a home they are gaining equity in. The landlord is not losing the home they otherwise could not afford to keep given whatever factor is going on. (Parents need short term care? traveling? going to college for a year or two? just don't want to work?) Bottom line, it's far more equitable for everybody.

    Anything that just rips away equity from those who currently have it is going to be wildly unpopular. In gaming terms, nobody likes nerfs, you need to buff the curve for people who do not have equity. If you are perceived as taking something away it is so hard to convince anybody that the change is for the better or needed.

  • Biden to call for 5% cap on annual rent increases, as he tries to show plans to tame inflation
  • This shit never works out as simply as you expect it to. With any public policy change there are layers and nuance. If you restrict rent increases then every year you're gonna see the majority of landlords including the ones who do not increase rent yearly suddenly change course to always up the rent 5% per year, every year. Otherwise as a member of the ownership class who doesn't increase rent your are losing out on equity compared to those who do. Compound interest never catches up.

    If you want to make renting profitable and homeownership obtainable for nearly everyone you need to setup a system where renters gain a share of ownership proportional to the money they put in. Make it so ALL renters eventually own the place they rent if they stay long enough. Ownership increases for every dollar spent towards rent. Evaporate the double dip appreciation for landlords and punish the income so that you gain money but at a slower rate than an index fund.

    You also need subsidized lending for individuals who own no home. Possibly make it so 100% of rental income tax goes into a fund that provides mortgages to someone purchasing a primary residence when they do not own any current properties or are selling their primary residence to purchase another one (e.g. moving, not hoarding housing.) Make the application process for these mortgages prioritize families without any owned homes in their direct lineage (e.g. those with parents and children which do not own homes get a higher priority than the kids of wealthy homeowners.)

    Something like this can bring homeownership to the masses and bring prices down as investment income from housing is no longer as valuable as other investments. Prices may still stay high, but subsidized mortgages would keep monthly payments affordable for those who qualify while minimizing profitability for hoarders.

    Finally if you are still in love with rent control, then do it concurrently with a program like the above. Balance the scales.

  • A Trump Ally Is Training 75 Armed Citizens. Is That a Militia?
  • I agree that the 75 are part of a terrorist organization, for sure.

    The National Guard is a militia though. We don't often think about it like that but it is. Each state has it's own and imo as a sidenote, the national guard completely satisfies the 2nd amendment regardless of what the gun nuts today want the 2nd amendment to be.

  • The AI-focused COPIED Act would make removing digital watermarks illegal (as well as training any kind of AI on copyrighted content)
  • Doesn't this infringe on fair use? e.g. if i'm making a parody of something and I mimic the original even by using a portion of the original's text word for word.

    Everyone is so obsessed with having a monopoly over everything, it's not what is best for 8 billion people.

  • Blonde bad bitch with big shoulders rule
  • The trend of "let's make a woke cast of characters that are all from different cultural backgrounds!!111" and then completely abandoning good storytelling and worldbuilding is maddening.

    I get there have always been garbage stories but most of the failures have all been from replacing a good story with ideology. You can't just abandon good story with established world logic and expect fans to not be up in arms. For some reason people forget that the only reason why characters become idols is because of the great stories they are in, not because the character looks like xyz (though cool character design does score some points too.)

    I don't really have many videogame examples of this stuff, just movies and tv shows. Games can usually get away with a bad story and good gameplay or perhaps vice versa. Movies and TV have no gameplay (depth) to fall back on.

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • Don't get me started on the DNC and the fact that the voters really don't have any real choice when it comes to who is elected.

    I'll never forgive them for screwing Bernie and handing the election to Trump by picking Hillary.

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • When less than 50% of the population wants to vote for you, it's obvious you're a garbage candidate.

    Let's get rid of the garbage candidates. Maybe there's some adults under the age of 60 who aren't total shitbags we can nominate.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • Only ever did it for mold reasons. I don't like refrigerated bread because refrigeration sucks the moisture out. If i'm going away for the weekend though and i've got a loaf and it's gonna be a hot weekend i'm certainly going to store the bread in the fridge.

  • Texas school district agrees to remove ‘Anne Frank’s Diary,’ ‘Maus’ and 670 other books after right-wing group’s complaint
  • Well it's a trick, they are more anti-muslim than anti-jew. They want the war to escalate because both sides die, and the one they hate more has more casualties.

    They can also sell them all the weapons used in the war... might as well fill the pockets with the new "solution."

  • Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they have never played.
  • I've had games not record time because I was in offline mode on vacation and I pre-downloaded it, or I just played in offline mode or directly from a game's executable without steam's crap embedded.

    In the past it's been trivial to set achievement unlocks and time played with 3rd party tools too.

    I don't see any kind of discounts mentioned either. I almost never buy from steam directly, usually reputable 3rd party sites like Fanatical, GamersGate, WinGameStore etc that I find through isthereanydeal. It'll show as being on my account but nobody knows what I paid for it and I almost never pay MSRP.

    Then there's the countless bundle keys I used to get that I definitely never played and will never play because I wanted 2-3 games in a bundle of 10-20 that was cheaper than one of the games alone.

    It wouldn't shock me at all if there was 10 billion worth of unplayed games though. I have friends that buy all the hot releases and then barely touch them because a couple hundred bucks a month is not significant to their monthly budget.

  • Everything old is new again.
  • A taxi that doesn't play games with the meter, that always takes a credit card, and that has a rating system that harshly punishes drivers with bad attitudes.

    The problem with it is Uber's cut.

  • Exclusive: Majority Of Voters Want Next Government To Take UK Back Into European Union
  • That's how politics work. Conservatives do a few awful things then it swings over to the liberal side... then the liberals go a bit too fast and it swings back.

    I just can't believe the US wasted it's political clout on fucking Biden. Another Obama would have been killer, but instead we have the guy nobody really wants and is only chosen because his opponent is hitler 2.0