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Do you think AI is more likely to end Humanity or to end Capitalism?
  • such as the key jailbreaking method right now being an appeal to empathy

    Honestly the most optimistic thing that's come out of this. A potential AGI singularity is still terrifying to me...but this does take the edge off a bit.

  • In your opinion, what's the age limit for Trick r Treating?
  • 18/20 because after that you ought to be able to be a candy-giver. This whole thing only works if we have enough candy-givers, and too late of a cutoff age skews the balance.

  • ...
  • Maybe people won't pay money for it. Maybe they will. The problem isn't that people may or may not pay money--it's that you've placed your sense of worth in monetary value.

  • ...
  • Read some existentialism, no joke. I don't agree 100% but I read a bunch of Beuvoir over the weekend and one thing I did like was it made me internalize the idea that coming up with a project I care about and achieving it is worthwhile in and of itself regardless of if it "could" be done by someone/something else.

    Think about it this way, there are mathematicians from 500 years ago who did a lot of stuff by hand for hours that I could work out with a calculator in seconds today. But does that mean all their work was worthless? If I create a fairly shitty drawing, but I'm proud of my having created it, am I wrong to be proud simply because my friend who is a great artist could make a better one in half the time?

    It's not just about the journey, but it's not just about the destination either--its about the journey to the destination, and placing value only in one of those things will cause you to be at a loss for the rest of your life.

  • Why do so many mobile versions of sites run worse on phone than desktop versions?
  • Only web dev at my company and a fresh college graduate.

    It me.

  • I swear I didnโ€™t change anything
  • As a full stack cloud dev usually for me it ends up being some lag between when Azure claims a thing was updated and when it actually was.

    (shout out to azure B2C custom policies for taking like 10 minutes to actually reflect changes despite giving me a lil green checkmark)

  • Why the Bible is divided by verses and numbers?
  • For easy indexing. Lots of influential literary works have this. There's a universal standard indexing for both the works of Plato and Shakespeare, for example.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Why do you assume there is one?

  • Microsoft causes learned helplessness
  • Very good post. Very true post.

  • What do you want to see more of on Lemmy?
  • Just decent quality content for various topics which aren't politics or tech. For the good of increasing the size of Lemmy, I think everyone ought to find a couple things they're interested in as hobbies and just dare to make content about them.

    Lots of niche communities have the problem where no one posts because no one posts. At some point, you have to just pull the ripcord and start the darn thing, even if it takes a while.

  • Can two drunk people consent to having sex with each other?
  • Why would I say something about your restating my comment? Was there something additional you were attempting to express there?

  • Can two drunk people consent to having sex with each other?
  • But go on, get hammered, get laid. Maybe you will die of liver cirrhosis.

    I drink about a glass of wine every couple weeks at most.

  • Can two drunk people consent to having sex with each other?
  • I think I'm going to continue "raping" people then.

    Do you believe these are the words of a socially stable individual who respects consent?

    Thanks for demonstrating I was correct. Although I really do wish I wasn't. I really do hope you take the time to make the world a safer by recognizing how dangerous your mindset isโ€”if not for others than at least for yourself. I'm not sure how you learned that this was a good way to be, but I'm sure it's hurting you more than you realize.

  • Can two drunk people consent to having sex with each other?
  • Getting this raving mad at a few people on the internet just for saying you shouldn't rape people is just supporting my conclusion.

    "I'm not unsafe to be around!" proceeds to demonstrate extreme emotional instability and an inability to engage with others without completely melting down

  • Can two drunk people consent to having sex with each other?
  • If you find drawing a single conclusion from evidence to be indistinguishable from magic, then you've done more to insult yourself than I ever could.

    Actually, it makes sense now that you don't see a power imbalance between yourself and drunk people, because it seems like you need people to be drunk for the floor of their intelligence to drop below the ceiling of yours.

  • Can two drunk people consent to having sex with each other?
  • Why do you think that? I do not see any connection between my comment and you conclusion here.

  • LGBTQ+ people are protected against being fired for being LGBTQ+, does that mean straight people can be fired for being straight?
  • No. It quite literally means that you also cannot be discriminated against for that. In fact, the protections that make it illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals are the exact same protections that prevent discrimination because of your being straight, and if you were to repeal the former, the latter would be lost as well.

    You have it, quite literally, entirely backwards.

  • I think only users should be able to make posts on the meta community.



    Ideas on converting an old folding table into a game table?

    Hey all,

    I've been wanting to host game nights at my place, and was hoping to use an old folding table I have since it fits nearly under my couch (I have a small apartment) and, is cheaper than buying a whole new table.

    Of course, I can use the table as-is (it's just a standard folding table after all) but I was hoping I could get some ideas on ways to have it better suit tabletop gaming.

    Right now my only idea is to get a neoprene mat for the top, but I don't have any good ideas on how to non-destructively adhere it to the top of the table.


    Moonlander resell, how to get good price?

    Hey all, I got a Moonlander keyboard a while back and I'm noticing that it hurts my wrist more than a normal keyboard.Im thinking maybe I should have gotten a split staggered keyboard instead since the columnar layout is making it really difficult to reach things with my pinky and is overall hurting my hands.

    I think I'm just gonna sell it and try again with a split staggered board. Where should I go to resell?


    Worried I wasted money on my new Moonlander, will I ruin my muscle memory?

    Hey all, I just purchased a Moonlander and after using it for a day, I unplugged it and packed it back up because I noticed my muscle memory on my laptop was already deteriorating!

    I want to be an ergomech user, but I also need to frequently use my laptop by itself with a standard keyboard. Is it possible to keep my muscle memory for both? Have any of you had success switching back and forth between a split ergo and a standard keyboard?

    Any advice or reassurance is appreciated. This was a massive purchase for me and this issue has me very disheartened at the moment.

    Update: I got it back out a couple days ago and it turns out all I needed to do was use it for a day and then sleep on it so my brain could do a firmware update. I'm back at the 70wpm I was with staggered, and yet my proficiency with staggered has only dropped about 5/10wpm.




    Flag of Estonia but it's a photo of the view off a U.S. interstate and I did a bad job color correcting it



    Secret third option: say you like Aristotle purely because of the ancient Greek aesthetic


    Chess but it adheres to the US flag code



    Help! My opponent is from Enumclaw, Washington and all my pieces were so disgusted at what he's doing that they ran off (except the rooks because buildings have no feelings)


    (R)roosting st(u)FF I (l)Iked from th(e) other site since this is a new frontier.