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Activism, Lowtech, Transhumanism and Sprouting: Links from the Solarpunk Camp 2024
  • I get your concern (this is the first time I'm hearing about it and oof). I would however point out that the core of transhumanism is the idea that we should have the freedom to modify our own bodies however we want. This is how I've always heard it used and how I'm going to keep using it.

    I do understand where those people are coming from, though. If you have the technology to e.g. eliminate sickle cell anemia and choose not to do it, that's as much eugenics as choosing to do so. I don't know how to square that with individual liberty. Having parents decide is....not necessarily a great solution. Having society decide is also not a good solution, but probably the one we'll have to end up doing.

  • Activism, Lowtech, Transhumanism and Sprouting: Links from the Solarpunk Camp 2024
  • As a grouchy old sci-fi nerd, can anyone explain why they think transhumanism is bad? Some Googling just leads to people claiming that it's 'anthropocentric' - as if you can't improve your body AND also care for nature at the same time.

  • Dreams of AI
  • No, but it's absolutely burning through huge amounts of power and water to churn out garbage. Can't bike to the store if it's 130 degrees due to unrestrained climate change.

    Less, 'we're using AI wrong', more, 'is AI even worth it?'.

  • Nice to see us all agreeing for once
  • Good analysis. But I have to disagree on number 5. IMO, Trump and his cadre won't be able to do a facist takeover, for precisely the reason you listed - Jan 6. That was their moment, the time for all the shittalkers to get off social media and do something, the high water mark. Aaaand what did they accomplish? They freaked out a bunch of Congresspeople, put some cops in the hospital, did some light property damage, and went home. Promptly leading to, if not a crackdown, than an investigation of everyone involved.

    I dunno man, I don't see any future that involves them doing anything more than some scattered violence against 'woke' targets, which will only hurt them in the long run due to the reactions against it. There just...aren't enough of them to do anything.

    Completely my opinion, of course.

  • A cool guide to daily protein sources by region
  • Not a joke: simply stop buying meat. Don't think about how to 'replace' meat. Don't attempt to limit yourself to a certain number of meat meals a week. I tried those things, and I completely failed at them. Make a list of all the meals you eat that do not include meat and/or can be made without meat and just make those. Make sure these are meals that you want to eat - donuts and cheese pizza are fine.

    Random suggestions:

    -Spaghetti - extra mushrooms, plus onions, peppers, spices as desired

    -Veggie sandwhich - Bread of preference, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, humus

    -Pizza. Yes, pizza.

    -Tacos - black beans, roasted sweet potato cubes, pico de gallo, cheese etc

    -Roasted cauliflower - cube it, toss with oil and spices, roast it.

    -Chili - buncha beans (pinto, kidney, black, even garbanzos can work), tomato, onion, garlic, chile powder. If you wanna go nuts, add corn and, wierdly - barley. It works great.

    -Chana masala - Google it, basically chickpeas with a gravy made of tomatoes, onions, garlic, buncha spices. Very similar to making chili.

    EDIT: Formatting. Doh.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • Your 'argument against GMOs' is an argument against seed patents, not GMOs. That's the same as saying there's an 'argument against insulin' because big companies own the patents and charge lots of money. The product is absolutely irrelevant to the conversation.

  • Mitch Albom: Public discourse by lawmakers is now a notch above food fight
  • Enh. Just sounds like pearl clutching to me. A lot of lawmakers probably need to be cussed out more. If you can't take an insult you have no business being in politics, which is just a formalized method for handling conflict.

    MTG made it personal because she's an asshole, and Jaime clapped back to demonstrate that the committee was being biased in not censuring MTG. This happened because of willful disregard of the rules that are in place to prevent this sort of thing, and Jaime handled perfectly: she escalated instead of bowing to an unfair ruling.

  • Headscarf ban not against freedom of religion right according to EHCR
  • Right, so maybe if it's now being applied in a discriminatory fashion, it's now due for a change? My point is that enforcement of the law cannot be considered separate from the law. A law that cannot be enforced does nothing, and a law that creates discrimination in enforcement is a discriminatory law.

  • Illustration of Haliomma echinaster (a protozoa) - Mary Somerville (1869)

    Illustration of a Haliomma echinaster, a bioluminiescent radiolarian. From Molecular and Microscopic Science by Mary Somerville, polymath and 'queen of science'


    Fanart - Custodes

    In honor of all of the chuds being Big Mad about female custodes, here's some cool fanart I found of one. Link to creator's deviantart.


    Technically crossover content