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Urging Biden to Step Aside, Sen. Peter Welch Warns 'Peril to Democrats Is Escalating'
  • Its too bad that you guys are even in this situation (I'm Canadian). I really feel sorry for him but someone really should have been more transparent about this issue prior to letting it get this out of hand. I hope everything sorts itself out, best of luck down there.

  • My boys
  • haha! mine does that too he loves his routine! no sleeping in on weekends! He's always there to boop my nose and get me up to feed him. Same with bed time, he'll pat my leg and stare at me until I tell him "you're right! its bed time!"

  • My boys
  • haha! ya they're amazing cats. I call the blue "puppy cat", he greets me at the door, follows me around the house, loves belly rubs and has such a pleasant disposition! He's also just sort of buff, he stands like a pit bull with his arms out like he's flexing, its funny for a cat.

  • Elden Ring – Patch Notes Version 1.12.3
  • I hadn't played elden ring in like a year since I beat it and boy was I upset when I found out they nerfed the 10 second infinite FP kame-kame-ha strategy. Its SO situational like just give me this one thing, is that too much to ask?!

  • Tesla posts disappointing production and sales numbers for Q2 2024
  • I think tesla is in the mag 7 (Or as I like to call it the Nvidia 500) so they are just rotating pumps within a few massive companies to keep the house of cards from falling. hence the AI craze and all that nonsense.

  • What an incredible step in human explorati-
  • They'd pull a Halo and have a doom guy romance arc for no reason. he'd pull his helmet off and it'd be like danial radcliffe or something (not a dig on Harry Potter, he's just not doom guy lol)

  • Hiiiiiii!
  • aww. ya I have complete conversations with my ragdoll, I'll say you have a nice nap?! and he'll go YA!!! and he'll sit by his treat box and do a really hi pitched beg like PLEASE!!! they're really entertaining animals