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Buying a home in the US has never been this hard
  • I also bought around the same time. I had gotten a decent paying position a couple years prior and cleared out my bad debt and improved my credit score.

    I had nothing saved up, but it occured to me that I was otherwise well positioned to buy a home, so I saved as much as I could from my regular income and started doing gig work on top of that, and I scraped together a 5% down payment for a small starter home in my area then made a purchase.

    I feel like common knowledge would say rushing in to a house purchase and depleting all your savings in doing so is irresponsible. But it ended up quite accidentally being one of the best financial choices I've ever made. My mortgage is less than rent for most apartments in my area.

    I realize my luck though. And good for me, but it sucks that it's increasingly out of reach for so many.

  • Google be like
  • They can be slow to adopt changes. I think the Mozilla foundation getting more funding, staffing, and refocusing on their browser would be the better solution.

    While Chromium is an open source project, it is still developed and maintained by Google. For something as important as a web browser, I think it's imperative that there's an option outside of their control.

  • Google be like
  • That'd certainly be a good feature, but it feels to me like it's a fairly niche need. And as per that post, it's also a big technical effort. I can see why there isn't anything in the way of development updates.

    That is me being a bit of an apologist for Firefox though. If you consider Firefox unusable because of that, then that's a pretty valid frustration.

    Still, I'd encourage you to try and find a way to make it work for you because Chrome is evil.

  • Physical Media (Blu-Ray, Music CDs)
  • As long as the record is in good condition, I find the sound comperable. I've played the same song on a high bitrate digital audio file and on vinyl and I found both equally pleasing to listen to.

    I have a Fluance RT80 turntable, and am using the built in preamp. It's connected to a home audio receiver (Sony STRDH590) with a 2.1 speaker setup (Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speakers and a Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer). A pretty midrange setup in others words. And I'm no audiophile, so weigh accordingly.

    Edit: I realized you asked specifically about streaming. This link indicates that Spotify does up to OGG 320kbps/AC3 256kbps which is comparable to my personal audio library. So, statement holds.

  • Physical Media (Blu-Ray, Music CDs)
  • I got caught up in the vinyl revival, so I enjoy collecting that media. But even then, I consider it more of a novelty.

    Generally speaking though, I prefer locally stored digital media without DRM over physical media. It's just more practical.

    That being said, I'm glad that physical media exists and hope it continues to be made. Choice is good.

  • Linux May Be the Best Way to Avoid the AI Nightmare
  • I can easily believe these types of continued enshittification will help drive more users to Linux desktop usage. But that will still be a small percent.

    People have to know and care about the problem and then be willing to put in the effort to understand what to do. That combination is pretty limiting.

    I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

  • Einride orders 150 Peterbilt 579EV electric semi trucks for US fleet
  • I wonder what the use case is going to be for these? Article doesn't seem to say. Seems to me like it'd be a good solution for short haul driving. Not so much for long haul given a 150 mile range.

    Edit to add: It'd be cool to see a stronger push for a better DC fast charging nationwide come on the heels of something like this. But that's probably overly hopeful.

  • 54% of Gen Z Shoppers Use Pay Later Plans to Buy Groceries
  • I had to deal with food insecurity when I was a young adult. This was around the turn of century. More than once I wrote checks I could not cover, hoping to get cash in the bank before it cleared. And I had to eat overdraft fees I obviously couldn't afford as a result.

    This isn't so different in that not having enough money ends up costing more. And with wage disparity and food costs being what they are now, it's easy to believe that percentage, unfortunately.

  • Russia Says It's Assembled a Lithography Machine, Will Make 350nm Chips Soon
  • Not literally a tamagachi, but if you want to go down the super niche rabbit hole that'll include interfacing a TV and keyboard to a 6502 processor, there's a guy named Ben Eater who does a great job covering that stuff. or search his name on YouTube.

  • As a capable but lazy user, how much would switching to Arch frustrate me?
  • Nothing too complex, no. KDE desktop, some stuff from the AUR. LVM on LUKS.

    Perhaps it's more fair to say that Arch takes more effort to maintain than any other well known distro except Gentoo (or LFS, if one considers that well known).

    I found keeping up to date on a fairly bleeding edge rolling release distro exhausting. I would, too often, come across issues with updates that required manual intervention to solve. And the AUR can be a crapshoot as far maintainers keeping them up to date and applying fixes. Nothing unmanagable, but not an enjoyable experience for me.

    No hate intended on Arch though. I think it's one of the best distros out there, and the Linux community as a whole is better off for it's existence. But it's not something I want as my daily driver, and I suspect from what OP wrote, it might be the same case for them.

    Edit: Reworded AUR bit for clarity.