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Because is shutting down, here is my new Lemmy Account: [email protected]

Feel free to pm me there or on matrix instead of replying to my comments / posts.

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Datenschutz? Ha! Ich hab Platin-Datenschutz!

Detroit just had it's first population growth in 66 years. Huzzah!
  • You can drive for 16 hours and still be in Texas, the european mind cannot comprehend this! <

    Yeah because driving 16 hours straight is stupid because you would just take the train and be driven 16 hours straight.

    Car centric infrastructure should have never been introduced.

  • Android's new anti-theft features
  • I am assuming its the same with Apple and as long as you sign out of your google account before wiping, it is no longer linked to you. Hopefully it will prompt you to do so when wiping the device locally.

  • Rikers Island jail ‘ready’ to receive Donald Trump, says Eric Adams
  • If he actually goes I want to see at least 3 different " the logistics of the Trump imprisonement", "How to imprison a US president" etc. Youtube videos. They they should be at minimum half an hour long.

    Ok now that my demands are out there you can go and arrest him already.

  • Constant disk activity

    I am constantly hearing disc activity on my ds218+. In the Activity manager I can see constant read/write on the performance overview. In the task list I can't see anything showing read/write, other than Swap, but that shows up less frequently than i hear the clicking. The RAM usage on the system is also under 50%.

    Can anyone help? I am driving myself insane, trying to find the cause. I disabled the usage history in the performance monitor and all docker containers are paused.

    People who read overwhelmingly support Biden
  • I know this guy at work who in casual conversation said he doesn't really follow any news. In another conversation he said he thinks trump should win because he would be the best for the economy and biden is tanking the economy... I tried to point out, that the economy wouldn't matter all that much if the president is leaking the countries nuclear secrets to our enemies and doing project 2025 stuff, but he had no context and so he didn't seem to believe me.

  • Technology Connections - The simple, clever sensor behind automatic windshield wipers
  • OMG thats crazy! I just started driving with a learners permit last month and it was raining on basically every drive here. I was wondering constantly, how the car knew pretty much exactly when it should wipe! I debated of sending it as a video idea to TC as it is right up his alley. Well I didnt need to! Gonna watch it right now.

  • What can a poor boy do except pirate, pirate, pirate?
  • The 2024 eBook experience (with a pocketbook e-reader)

    No Piracy:

    1. Go to bookstore in webbrowser on reader.

    2. Pay for book

    3. Download book (you can only do this 5 times)

    4. Open book (not really the book, its a link to ad*be to download the book.

    5. Get network error when opening my fucking ebook I paid for.

    6. Troubleshooting for 5 minutes

    7. Proceed to piracy section step 3


    1. Go to bookstore Website and pay for book (cause personal ethics but you do you)
    2. Ignore download link
    3. Go to website of preference
    4. Download ebook
    5. Enjoy without ad*be enshittification

    *edits cause formatting

  • Bone conduction headphones?
  • I got the shokz openrun pros just a few weeks ago despite considering them and other bone conduction headphones for years. I wanted them because I bike a lot and wanted to have open ears when listening to music. I quickly found the reason they are called openRUN, because when biking at anything over about 10kmh, the wind noise overpowers them so much I need to turn them to unhealthy levels in order to hear anything.

    Another disappointment is that they aren't really bone conduction. They are just small speakers pointing directly into your ears. I partially bought them because I was excited about the tech, but they are now useless in my application and boring. I will probably sell them and get in ear buds with pass-through noise canceling and wind noise cancelation.